It's Rumored Tfue Was Banned from Twitch After Raiding a Smaller Streamer *Updated*

by Mike Kent


It is believed that FaZe Clan Fortnite pro player and popular streamer, Tfue, has been banned due to racist comments made by his chat.

The streaming superstar had just celebrated 30,000 subscribers on Twitch when his account was suspended, for what seemed to be no reason.

It has later emerged that his YouTube account had also been deleted, but it is believed to be a separate incident.

Tfue’s Dad took to Instagram to advise that the YouTube situation was down to a hacker that had caused issues earlier in August. He had previously declared that he had also taken down Twitch and Instagram, but that post was deleted and replaced with the one below.

Why Tfue was banned on Twitch remained a mystery for a number of hours after the initial suspension, with the FaZe player Tweeting that updates would be coming soon.

It was later speculated that he was suspended due to racist comments made by his chat when he hosted a smaller streamer. Popular streamer xQc uploaded a video to defend Tfue, claiming the rules don't make any sense.

A number of other high profile personalities have come out in support of Tfue after the announcement, including Ninja.

This isn’t the first time Tfue has been suspended from Twitch, after being initially banned for 30 days, but later reduced to seven, for use of inappropriate language. 

No exact time frame for this current ban has been announced or when we'll see him back online.

*Correction - A previous edition of this article claimed it has been confirmed that Tfue had been banned for his chat posting racist comments, but no official announcement has been made by Twitch or Tfue*