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The most watched Trovo streamers in 2021

Published: 18/Jul/2021 1:45 Updated: 25/Jul/2021 1:45

by Alan Bernal


Trovo has been growing as a streaming platform and it’s been led by channels that have been growing by the month. Here are the most-watched streamers on Trovo so far in 2021.

Tencent, parent company of Valorant and League of Legends devs Riot Games, have been building their stream platform with surprising growth giving it impressive viewership in the first bit of the year.

According to data from StreamCharts, Trovo managed to rake in about 63 million hours watched in Q2 2021. That’s a leap from where the platform was last year, and it’s looking to keep that momentum with some of its biggest names leading the charge.


As such, they’ve been cultivating a community around all sorts of games like Free Fire, ARK, Rust, PUBG Mobile, and more.

via StreamCharts
Trovo has been been steadily increasing its hours watched across the platform.

Going into the midway part of the year, there’s been some standout creators on Trovo who’ve been familiar faces for the site. StreamCharts have been tracking different metrics across Trovo, with data showing the biggest creators.

Most watched Trovo streamers in Q2 2021:

  1. ItsOnlySkillz (617K Hours Watched)
  2. TeamPls (443K Hours Watched)
  3. TIIBU (399K Hours Watched)
  4. DaarickOficial (382K Hours Watched)
  5. FF-SOKOL (374K Hours Watched)

Greek-speaking streamers TeamPls and ItsOnlySkillz lead the pack with their GTA V-filled content which produces a consistent viewership for the two.

But there are people vying for those top spots like TIIBU who’s been getting thousands of viewers for his antics in PUBG Mobile, with plenty at his heels.


via StreamCharts
The most watched streamers on Trovo.

Trovo has been doing particularly well in regions that are turning to live video content creation, and it’s been making for a diverse set of broadcasters for people to discover.

As Trovo grows, it’ll be interesting to see who cracks into the list with more people tuning in or starting their own channels.