The Most Awkward Post-Game Esports ‘Handshake’ of All Time?

Did we witness the world’s most awkward esports handshake during the Headstomper 2018 Tekken 7 tournament?

The Danish event was in full swing when the mishap happened, with thousands across the world witnessing the truly terrifying moment.

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The reigning title holder for awkward esports handshake moment was in the hands of Overwatch League host, Malik, who got into a fumbled attempt with former NRG player A_Seagull during an E League tournament in 2016.

That historical moment went viral and even found its way onto television, with Jimmy Fallon mocking the moment on his late night show.

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So how does this Danish Tekken 7 tournament mishap jump ahead of such an iconic moment?

While A_Seagull and Malik just fumbled with their hands, Irish competitors FH Signor Farfalla and UYU Fergus ended up in an awkward hug.

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As Fergus eliminated Farfalla from the tournament in top eight, the two went in for a handshake, however, there seemed to be some kind of communication mix up between the two countrymen, as they fumbled into perhaps the most awkward thing esports has ever produced.