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The Most Awkward Post-Game Esports ‘Handshake’ of All Time?

Published: 30/Jul/2018 14:13

by Mike Kent


Did we witness the world’s most awkward esports handshake during the Headstomper 2018 Tekken 7 tournament?

The Danish event was in full swing when the mishap happened, with thousands across the world witnessing the truly terrifying moment.

The reigning title holder for awkward esports handshake moment was in the hands of Overwatch League host, Malik, who got into a fumbled attempt with former NRG player A_Seagull during an E League tournament in 2016.

That historical moment went viral and even found its way onto television, with Jimmy Fallon mocking the moment on his late night show.

So how does this Danish Tekken 7 tournament mishap jump ahead of such an iconic moment?


While A_Seagull and Malik just fumbled with their hands, Irish competitors FH Signor Farfalla and UYU Fergus ended up in an awkward hug.

As Fergus eliminated Farfalla from the tournament in top eight, the two went in for a handshake, however, there seemed to be some kind of communication mix up between the two countrymen, as they fumbled into perhaps the most awkward thing esports has ever produced.