The internet calls out Jake Paul for alleged racism in final episode of Shane Dawson’s series

. 4 years ago

The final episode of Shane Dawson’s documentary series over YouTuber Jake Paul has been released, and the internet is making sure to post their reactions to the drama all over Twitter.

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Many users are unhappy with Paul’s treatment of former Team 10 members The Martinez Twins, who posted a video to YouTube claiming that Paul had mistreated them and called them racial slurs, among other allegations.

Paul addressed these claims in the series’ last episode, stating that he and the twins were engaging in playful banter, and that he hadn’t said the slurs out of malice.

“I think they just wanted to capitalize on leaving Team 10 as much as possible,” Paul claimed. “…They would walk into the house and see us and say, ‘What’s up, crackers?’ And we would say, ‘What’s up, ****?’ We would just give it back, like bros being bros.”

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However, the internet isn’t satisfied with this explanation, and many feel that Paul’s comments were genuinely racist.

“I’m actually sick to my stomach [that] Jake Paul used reversed racism to justify why he called them beaners,” one user wrote.

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Another user compared Shane’s series over Jake to that of Jeffree Star, who has also been accused of racism for his past videos.

“Jake Paul literally used the same shitty excuse that Jeffree said in shanes video,” they wrote. “Literally shut the fuck up, both of y’all are fucking racists.”

These posts are just a few in a slew of complaints about Paul’s account of events in the series, which has finally come to an end in a nearly two-hour long finale.

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