The best memes reacting to Olivia Rodrigo’s new album SOUR

YouTube: Olivia Rodrigo

Disney star-turned pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo released her highly-anticipated debut album, SOUR, on May 21 – and it’s been a huge hit with fans.

In the 24 hours following its release, SOUR has been streamed over a billion times on Spotify, making it the second-most streamed album by a female artist this year.

It has also been announced that 18-year-old Rodrigo has even surpassed Taylor Swift – who co-wrote the song ‘1 step forward, 3 steps back’ with Rodrigo – to become the #1 selling artist on digital platforms around the world.

With her heartbreak anthems, there is no doubt that Rodrigo’s new album is a cultural reset, so her army of fans decided to show their appreciation in the way every Gen Z should – with a string of hilarious memes.

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Joshua Bassett was the focus of a lot of memes

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it is a common belief among Olivia’s fanbase that ‘Driver’s License’ and SOUR as a whole is inspired by the alleged relationship between Rodrigo and her High School Musical the Musical The Series co-star Joshua Bassett.

With Bassett since starting a romance with fellow Disney star Sabrina Carpenter, fans have long believed that the three have been embroiled in a love triangle and are taking swipes at each other through their respective music careers.

Naturally, with SOUR bringing more insight into Rodrigo’s alleged heartbreak, several memes about Bassett have gone viral.

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Other fans couldn’t get over how relatable the album was

Moving away from the Joshua Bassett drama, some fans found themselves reconnecting with their high school selves. They shared awkward memories of their own teenage romances and joked about how the pop-punk elements of Olivia’s album made them dramatically change their whole personality.

Other fans, even geriatric millennials, were shocked at how relatable some of the lyrics of the album were, as well as how fast the album switched between bad girl vibes and tears.

Ultimately, as a lot of fans on Twitter pointed out, it looks like it’s going to be a “SOUR girl’s summer”.