Twitch Streamer NICKMERCS Hilariously Attempts His Best Ninja Twitch Prime Plug Imitation

by Scott Mahoney


Last night on stream, NICKMERCS humorously botched an attempt to plug Twitch Prime to his viewers.

Anyone who spends countless hours on Twitch will recognize that Twitch streamers have been plugging Twitch Prime to their viewers to varying levels of success.


Twitch Prime gives viewers a free subscription to one streamer every month; viewers with an Amazon Prime account have a free subscription.

Twitch Prime plugs have become a staple in the Fortnite and Twitch streaming communities as the subscriptions support streamers and allow them to continue to entertain fans.

Fortnite, as well as many other games, release exclusive Twitch Prime content to gamers who link their Twitch accounts to their gaming accounts.


Ninja has set the gold standard for plugging Twitch Prime to his audience by periodically reminding his viewers to check and see if they have their free Twitch Prime sub available and to click the drop down to find out.

Often times the plugs are done flawlessly by reading them off a card, but recently streamers have taken to free styling the pitch and the results have been varied.


NICKMERCS stumbled his way through Twitch Prime ad during a Thursday night stream and the pitch was far from what you might expect.

The plug included the streamer insisting that the “chat listen” as he explained that the “you have a thing” later described as a “dropdown” that says “bloop.”

Like all great ads Nick closed out the plug strong saying “you click it and then you sub. Bada bing bada boom you’re good to go baby.”

Check out the clip below to hear NICKMERCS Twitch Prime plug.