Tfue & xQc mock Ninja for bragging that he could buy a bank

Twitch: Tfue/Mixer: Ninja

Twitch stars Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel poked fun at Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevin and recent claims from his wife Jessica Blevins that Tfue was “desperate” for money and that Ninja could buy a bank. 

The Tfue and Ninja rivalry stretches back a long time, way before they did battle at the top of Fortnite and Twitch. What started out as a competitive rivalry has gotten much more personal over the years with Tfue going as far as claiming that Ninja has “always” hated him and labeling the Mixer star as a “p**sy.

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Ninja has fired back from time to time, but most recently, his wife Jess stepped in as a part of his defense, claiming that Tfue was desperate for money after he leaked Mr Beast’s phone number live on stream. 

Twitter: Tfue
Tfue and Ninja were quite good friends once upon a time.

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Tfue teamed up with xQc for a session of Fortnite on May 8, with the former Overwatch star poking fun at the claims of him being desperate for money, jokingly offering to gift Tfue a few Twitch subs. 

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Though, they stepped their shots up a level, taking their own jabs at Ninja’s recent claim that he could buy a bank and foreclose a troll’s house. “You can be a p**sy but like, you know, as long as you got money, you’re cool, that’s how it works right?” Tfue joked. 

After xQc piled on with the buy a bank jokes, Tfue brought things to a close with a few shots of his own. “That’s what I’m scared about, I’m scared of somebody that has like hella money to buy my bank and foreclose [my house]” he added. “That s**t would suck, especially as like I’ve been f**king hella desperate for money, so like that s**t wouldn’t take down that rich of a man, you know.”

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Tfue even jokingly comforted xQc with the knowledge that if he ever got “rich” then he wouldn’t foreclose the former Overwatch player’s house.

Ninja made clear that he was only joking around when making the comments about his ability to buy a bank, but it still earned him some backlash on social media.

Obviously, given his success with both streaming and Fortnite, Tfue has plenty of cash to his name but he doesn’t appear to have any interest in flaunting it wildly.

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