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Entertainment • Jul 10, 2019

Tfue and Tana Mongeau reveal way too much about Corinna Kopf's sex habits

Tfue and Tana Mongeau reveal way too much about Corinna Kopf's sex habits
Corinna Kopf - Instagram

Fortnite superstar Turner 'Tfue' Tenney may have revealed one too many details about his ex-girlfriend Corinna Kopf's sex life, with the help of fellow online celebrity Tana Mongeau.


Despite their recent breakup after months of dating, Tfue and Instagram celebrity Corinna Kopf haven't shied away from interacting and talking about each other publicly.

Just days following their split, the two were seen playing Fortnite together on Tfue's Twitch channel, showing the world that they were still at least friends, even if they weren't officially together anymore. 


The most recent interaction involving the two came when Tana Mongeau put out a tweet revealing a very intimate detail about Kopf's sexual habits.

"Corinna just told me that she legitimately makes every single guy that's about to finger her get up and go wash their hands," she posted.

@KopfUpdates - Twitter
Tana Mongeau may have revealed more about Corinna Kopf's sex life than fans needed to know.


As if Tana revealing that fact to her 1.5 million followers wasn't enough, Tfue decided to chime in and confirm the tweet to be accurate.

The Fortnite star couldn't resist the urge to make sure no one forgot that he had just spend several months being intimate with Corinna, as if anyone needed reminding. 


Whether or not Corinna wanted this detail about her personal life made public, we'll probably never know for sure.

However, with the cat out of the bag, she ultimately decided to go along with it and promoted the tweet, retweeting it and adding a caption that emphasized hygiene. 

Tfue and Corinna - a relationship rollercoaster

It took a while for the fact that Tfue and Corinna were dating to become public news; almost everyone knew that the two were together well before they decided to make things official

Once the two went public, however, they did not care much for censorship, often appearing on each other's content channels and revealing NSFW details about each other, such as the most public place they had sex and bizarre specifics about his private parts

Unfortunately, as most good things do, their relationship came to a sudden end, when Kopf announced that they had decided to part ways due to the physical distance between them and "a few other things."

However, seeing as how they clearly still feel very comfortable with each other, it wouldn't come as a major shock if they decided to rekindle their relationship sooner or later. 

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