Tfue shoots down steroid accusations after his body transformation

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Twitch star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney denied allegations he uses steroids after his body transformation pictures went viral.

Tfue has come back into the spotlight as the streamer has been enjoying the resurgence of Fortnite.

On top of his comeback, he has also gone viral for his dedication to fitness which he’s been documenting on his Instagram page.

Now, he’s responded to rumors that have spread online, suggesting that he’s using steroids or other PEDs to fuel his massive gains.


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Tfue addresses steroid rumors

The Fortnite star hopped on the podcast Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk, where Martyn asked Tfue if he uses any steroids.

“No, never. I probably would, but I wouldn’t take a lot,” Tfue said.

Although he admitted he doesn’t take steroids, he didn’t rule them out in the long run. He credited his muscle gain to fixing his diet, as well as taking creatine – a natural supplement – which helps build muscle.

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The rumors that Tfue takes steroids began surfacing roughly two years ago when he went from skinny and lean to muscular and shredded.

Tfue explained how integral creatine has been to his gains, “It does help. I mean, it’s not like f**king steroids. I always see TikToks that are like ‘Yo, you on steroids? Nah, I’m on creatine.'”

The 24-year-old streamer has joined fellow streamers like SypherPK in transforming their bodies over the last few years in a hardcore dedication to fitness outside of broadcasting hours.