Tfue pulls hilarious prank on new housemate Cloak - Dexerto

Tfue pulls hilarious prank on new housemate Cloak

Published: 5/Jun/2019 23:39 Updated: 22/Jan/2020 12:51

by Virginia Glaze


Massively popular Fortnite Battle Royale pro Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is parting ways with esports organization FaZe Clan, moving in with his Duos partner Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore – who he is already antagonizing in a hilarious way.

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Both Tfue and his girlfriend, vlogger Corinna Kopf, were on the way to Cloak’s house in New Jersey when to pair decided to pull a massive prank on him ahead of their arrival.

Corinna encouraged Tfue to call Lepore and feign distress, fibbing that they had actually gone to the wrong address – a location similar to Cloak’s own address that he’d specifically asked them to avoid, as it all the way over in Brooklyn, New York.


[ad name=”article2″]FaZe CloakTfue is set to move in with his Fortnite Battle Royale Duos partner, Cloak – marking a major jump in his competitive lifestyle.

“Yo, dude,” Tfue said on their Facetime call. “I think we accidentally went to the wrong address.”

“What do you mean?” Cloak asked. “Don’t tell me you went to the Brooklyn one. …are you shitting me?”

Corinna quickly quashed the prank by asking Cloak to come outside and get their bags, prompting a swift end to their Facetime conversation.

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That wasn’t the only hilarity in Corinna’s vlog, by far; she went on to perform some DIY cup therapy on Tfue’s back, resulting in a humorous segment where Tfue admitted that he couldn’t even break wind for fear of hurting his back during the process.


Tfue’s move to New Jersey follows his lawsuit against FaZe Clan over his “oppressive” contract, which saw massive splits in favor of the org for brand deals, appearance fees, and in-game merchandise.

While FaZe claimed that they never acted on the clauses laid out in this section of Tfue’s contract, which denotes major splits in favor of the organization.

Following Tfue’s lawsuit, FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink claimed that the gaming pro was hoping to ultimately end his relationship with FaZe in favor of creating his own esports team, despite presenting him with multiple other options in light of his initial contract.


However, Tfue vehemently denied this theory, stating that he was “too stupid” to run his own team during an episode of the ‘Konkrete’ podcast on May 30.

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Tfue has since decided to room with Cloak in light of the drama, who has even taken shots at the organization, using the username ‘80percent’ in a game of Battalion 1944.

The players have even begun a petition to delay the Fortnite Battle Royale World Cup Qualifier – a petition that Epic has finally agreed to, following ample community backlash due to the Qualifier overlapping with the E3 Celebrity Pro-Am.