Tfue hits back at Logan Paul’s backhanded “congratulations” for dating Corinna Kopf

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Apr 11, 2019
The Hollywood Fix, Logan Paul Vlogs - YouTube

Popular Fortnite pro FaZe Tfue has gone public with Instagram model Corinna Kopf – but some internet personalities aren’t too pleased with their new relationship.

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Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul took shots at the couple with a backhanded compliment during his 24th birthday vlog, prompting a nonplussed response from Tfue nearly a week later.

Tfue spoke out on the “compliment” during an interview with the Hollywood Fix on April 10, where he didn’t appear to be too concerned with Paul’s comments.

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Tfue’s take on Logan Paul’s shade

“I have no idea how he feels,” Tfue answered when questioned about the debacle. “…nah, I don’t really care.”

The interviewer then brought up the death of Paul’s Pomeranian, Kong da Savage, who was killed by coyotes the night of April 5 – to which Tfue had a surprisingly sympathetic response.

“I feel bad for any animal that passes away, man,” Tfue said of the tragedy. “That’s sad as shit.”

A tumultuous love triangle

Despite his largely public relationship with Kopf, Tfue seemed to brush off the interviewer’s questions about their romance, coyly answering, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” when asked if they were official.

Kopf went public with Tfue after her breakup with Logan Paul in early March, posting a series of intimate photos with the gaming pro to her Instagram.

Corinna Kopf went public with Tfue following her split with YouTuber Logan Paul – who doesn’t appear to be a big fan of their new relationship.

However, Paul didn’t seem to be a fan of their romance – likely due to Kopf’s suggestive Tweet toward rival YouTuber KSI on Valentine’s day.

Paul described their relationship as a “casual” fling, and even insinuated that Kopf “ran through the YouTubers” in an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

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In fact, Paul had seemingly “stolen” Kopf from Tfue in early 2019, prompting a sly jab at the Twitch star during another podcast episode after he was spotted with Kopf at a Lakers game in early January.

Tfue himself was tight-lipped about his possible relationship with Kopf, and continues to keep things private – although Kopf has made several hilarious appearances on his live streams and continues to post photos of the two across social media.

Tfue likewise hinted that he could be signing to an agency soon, although he didn’t name any names; aside from his work with FaZe Clan, fans will have to wait for any upcoming moves from the player.