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Tfue and Corinna Kopf stunned after their pet dies on stream

Published: 30/Apr/2019 17:56 Updated: 30/Apr/2019 18:41

by Eli Becht


Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney and Corinna Kopf found out losing a pet is tough after they discovered their fish was dead during a Twitch stream.

Tfue may have qualified for the Fortnite World Cup and celebrated on stream but that doesn’t mean it’s all been good news for him.

During his stream, he went to feed his goldfish that was living in a bowl on a little table behind his streaming setup when he discovered that his fish had in fact died.

Tfue said goodbye to his fish live on stream

His discovery came at a random moment as he turned around to feed his fish only to see it wasn’t moving at all. 

“This is why I don’t have pets,” he said. “It’s dead, man. I fed it this morning. It’s dead. I’m so sad, bro. Don’t look at my stream, my goldfish is dead, dude.”

Sadly enough, it sounded like Tfue’s dad planned on bringing the fish to New York after he qualified for the World Cup.

It looks like those plans will have to put on hold, as either Tfue needs a replacement fish or they are bringing a lifeless corpse to the Finals.

Corinna Kopf paid her respects

Tfue was visibly upset by the death of his pet but he also got his girlfriend Corinna Kopf to grieve with him.

He handed the bowl with the dead fish to his girlfriend who was just directly off camera after she said the stream was just staring at it.

(Timestamp 2:10)

“Bring him over here,” she said. “You’re just letting the stream look at a dead body.”

Now the question is whether or not Tfue will replace his fish with another one or if the wound is still too fresh to even think about getting a replacement.


Kenzie Ziegler’s boyfriend throws shade after TikTok Room Awards loss

Published: 29/Nov/2020 22:43

by Charlotte Colombo


After Dance Moms alumni Kenzi Ziegler missed out on honors at the TikTok Room Awards, her boyfriend, Tacoda Dubbs, made his feelings on the loss clear with a petty comment on social media.

It was a tense night on November 28 as the stars of TikTok anxiously awaited the results of TikTok Room’s first-ever awards show. Among the 28 categories, one of the most highly-contested ones was ‘Best Dancer (Female),’ as a total of seven TikTok stars were in the running for this award, including Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Jalaiah Harmon, Haley Sharpe, Zoi Lerma, Syera Plitt, and Kenzie Ziegler.

However, Charli D’Amelio ended up winning the category – which was voted for by fans – by a significant landslide. TikTok Room revealed that she picked up 33.7% of the voter share, and received 158,885 votes in total. Meanwhile, Kenzie Ziegler only received 11% of the votes, which landed her in fourth place.

As TikTok Room announced the results on their Instagram account, Kenzie Ziegler’s boyfriend, Tacoda Dubbs, commented a shady “ahahaha” under the post, implying that he was laughing at the result.

The plot then thickened when Dubbs posted a video of himself dancing with Kenzie on his Instagram story, quipping that she would “always be the best dancer to [him]”.

Fan responses to Tacoda’s fierce defense of his girlfriend’s loss were mixed; one Instagram user asked, “Why so petty? This is a VIRTUAL awards show”, while another user remarked that “it seems like he’s bringing down Charli to make his girlfriend feel good.”

Meanwhile, other fans agreed with Dubbs’ sentiments, claiming that Ziegler deserved to win more than D’Amelio.

“Maddie [Ziegler] and Kenzie walked so TikTok dancers can run,” one Instagram fan wrote, while another user remarked that Tacoda is “not wrong,” in a comment that amassed over 100,000 likes.

This is just the latest drama that’s been surrounding Ziegler and her family; Kenzie’s older sister – dancer and actress, Maddie Ziegler – found herself under scrutiny this November after it was announced that she would be playing a non-verbal autistic girl in the movie Music, which is directed by pop star Sia.