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Entertainment • May 01, 2019

Tfue and Corinna Kopf reveal the most public place they've had sex

Tfue and Corinna Kopf reveal the most public place they've had sex
Corinna Kopf, Instagram / Riva Motorsports

Fortnite pro Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Instagram model Corinna Kopf revealed their highly-speculated romance in early March - and now, the couple is getting even more public with their fanbase.


Tfue and Corinna went live in a ‘Boyfriend Tag’ video on May 1, in which Kopf asked her boyfriend a series of questions to see how well he actually knew their relationship - including a particularly sensitive query about exactly where they’ve gotten physical.

One of the questions asked the couple to share the most public place where they’d had sex - prompting a laugh from both parties.


Corinna Kopf - Instagram
Tfue and Corinna Kopf opened up about their relationship in Kopf's 'Boyfriend Tag' video on May 1 - leading to a series of hilarious stories about their relationship.

A different kind of jet ski joyride

“Do we say?” Tfue laughed, followed by Kopf’s candid response to the question.

“On a jet ski, in the middle of the ocean,” she answered, while Tfue placed his head in his hand in mock defeat.

[Timestamp: 8:00 for mobile viewers]


How did Tfue & Corinna meet?

The two likewise revealed how they’d first met, with Tfue explaining that Kopf had “slid in the DMs” asking to play random duos in Fortnite.

In fact, Tfue wasn’t sure if Kopf was actually single or even a bot, later inviting her to a FaZe house party and getting so drunk that he’d vomited all over himself.

Corinna’s ‘Boyfriend Tag’ video was uploaded just ahead of their two-month anniversary, despite Tfue’s previous comments that the two were “just friends.”

Corinna Kopf, Instagram
Kopf and Tfue appeared to confirm their relationship by posting this photo to their Instagram accounts on March 3, after rumors abounded that the two were involved months prior.

Corinna Kopf & Logan Paul

In fact, rumors arose concerning a possible relationship between the two in late December, after they were seen together at a party hosted by actress Bella Thorne and again during MrBeast’s $100,000 YouTuber circle challenge.

Kopf later got involved with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul, who described their relationship as a “casual fling” following their subsequent breakup around Valentine’s Day after Kopf sent a suggestive Tweet to his rival, KSI.

Splash News, Metro UK
Corinna Kopf's alleged romance with Tfue was put on hold after she was spotted with Logan Paul at a Lakers game - but the two split up shortly thereafter, thanks to a suggestive Tweet Kopf sent to KSI on Valentine's Day.

Paul appears to have beef with Tfue because of their shared involvement with Kopf, even going so far as to mock the Fortnite pro during his 24th birthday video with a backhanded compliment.

Tfue and Kopf’s relationship has similarly garnered ample backlash from angry fans, with one commenter calling Kopf a “gold digger” due to their romance - which she quickly shut down in a savage Tweet.

Tfue and Corinna went public with their relationship in early March, with Kopf even appearing on Tfue’s livestreams in a series of hilariously unscripted moments.

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