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Tensions flare between xQc, Summit1g and more during Among Us stream

Published: 26/Sep/2020 14:00 Updated: 8/Nov/2020 12:36

by Georgina Smith


The atmosphere was decidedly tense throughout a multi-creator Among Us stream, with xQc slamming some high profile streamers for perpetuating toxicity in their chats, and Summit1g and 5up each getting equally as frustrated with xQc in return.

While the 2018 space-themed party game Among Us has experienced a sudden surge in popularity, it certainly has the potential to start some conflict between friends and strangers alike.

The game sees a group of up to ten people seeking to find the imposters within their group, whose primary aim is to sabotage the ship, and kill as many players as possible. With each death comes a whole group vote where you must use your keen detective skills to eliminate the danger to the team.


Among Us steam header
Among Us has experienced a new lease of life in 2020, leading to its devs scrapping a proposed sequel.

The playfully distrustful environment clearly seemed to spark something in several players in the September 25 stream, with Pewdiepie behind some of the roasting. xQc also slammed some huge streamers for their attitude towards hate in their chat.

“I think it’s finally time to talk about this. You guys wanna go full drama mode? I’ll go full drama mode,” he said, calling out those who say he “can’t control his chat.”

“What happens when I play with some of these guys, or the ‘bigger YouTubers.’ Have you seen their comment section? Not only people being passive-aggressive, sh*tting on me. Absolutely hardcore, saying trash about me.”


He goes onto claim that “the people that made those videos, including Toast, go and like the comments, favorite them, and reply, bantering it. How is that not as bad? They’re the bigger YouTubers, they have millions of viewers, millions.”

But the drama didn’t end there. Both Summit1g and 5up had something to say of their own about xQc.

As the vote for the imposter goes through, Summit began to get frustrated that xQc wasn’t paying attention, saying “xQc your convincing skills are f**king awful I’m asking you and you still can’t convince me. Just please listen. Stop talking.”


“Use your f**king ears bro. It’s so f**king painful. And then he wonders why no one votes for his f**king guy.” And to top all of that off, 5up took to the side to share with his viewers his thoughts on the evidently polarizing xQc.

“He’s becoming so overbearing, with the amount of power he thinks he has in the game of Among Us,” he explained. “The entire lobby becomes a game where it’s no longer ten streamers coming together and having fun entertaining people. It turns into him controlling a game.”

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“If he gets it right, he thinks he’s a god, and if people get him out as an imposter, he calls them dogsh*t trash players who got lucky. That’s not good sportsmanship, that’s not the point of playing this game.”


All the streamers who took part parted on good terms, and just the tension of the game boiled over somewhat.