Technoblade raises $323k for charity with Minecraft stream where fans control his fate

Technoblade's minecraft skin alongside hand holding moneyTechnoblade/Unsplash

Following an unfortunate announcement of his cancer diagnosis, popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has raised $323,000 for cancer research during his charity event stream that allows viewers to take control of the game.

On August 27, Minecraft YouTube sensation Technoblade returned to the internet from a hiatus, but the return came with some unfortunate news that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and was currently undergoing chemotherapy.

The Minecraft community came together, showing an overwhelming amount of support for the YouTuber, wishing him a speedy recovery. Even content creators like Dream and awesamdude came together to raise money for charity.

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Feeling well enough, Technoblade has now even hosted his own charity event, of course, with a hilarious twist that allows viewers to take control of the game with donations, raising $323,000 in under four hours.

Technoblade reveals cancer diagnosisYouTube/Technoblade
Technoblade is one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers around.

The Minecraft superstar had only one task for the event, beating the game, but it wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds. Donators could redeem various rewards that could either help or sabotage him, and the content made was comical.

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Donation rewards varied with options of spawning a wither tagged with your name for $2000, all the way to giving the YouTuber a random item that would spawn in his inventory for $15.

Of course, the donations weren’t the only twist, as surprise guests continuously joined the stream to hunt him down Technoblade as viewers smashed huge milestones. As milestones were crushed, we saw surprise appearances from other prominent Minecraft creators, such as Philza, Ranboo, Squid Kid, Wilbur, and Skeppy.

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All in all, in just under four hours, Technoblade destroyed his original goal of raising $250,000, where he in total raised $323,000 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America charity, an organization that focuses on funding research for a specific type of cancer that makes up 15% of childhood cancers.

Following the end of the event, the YouTuber ended it off, praising his community for the excellent work in his Discord.

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