Teacher who refused to delete OnlyFans says school district subscribed to her content

OnlyFans teacher ava james risks firingInstagram/a_v_a_james88

A teacher pleading with a school board to let her keep making OnlyFans content fears she will soon be fired after the district subscribed to her account.

In yet another OnlyFans teacher fiasco, BC teaching assistant Kristin MacDonald, better known as Ava James ‘The Dommy Mommy,’ is worried that her time as a teacher will soon come to an end.

James had been fighting with the school district to keep both her job and her OnlyFans account, which she says helps support her daughter as a single mother.

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After receiving a cease and desist letter from the Coquitlam School District to remove her OnlyFans and social media accounts, the model refused, leading to a disciplinary hearing and a possible termination.

OnlyFans model says school board subscriber to her content

Speaking with The Daily Hive, James claimed that during the hearing, the school district, “admitted to getting an OnlyFans subscriber account.”

This effectively means the school board used taxpayer dollars to pay for OnlyFans and see what kind of content the teacher was making on her account.

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“I kind of felt like they were poking at me being like, ‘Yeah, we saw what you’re doing,’ or whatever,” she added. “I mean, they could draw it out, or they can tell me next week that I’m terminated.”

onlyfans teacher in troubleInstagram/a_v_a_james88
Ava James could soon be fired for her OnlyFans content.

At the moment, James is on medical leave for a back injury, and while she is still an employee and even has support from her union, she feels like she’s been treated poorly by the district.

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“What I hope the final outcome will be is that this situation sets a precedent for other people in similar situations where maybe they are being discriminated against based on doing some sort of sex work,” she said.

James is hardly the first OnlyFans model to push against discrimination. Infamously, a boy was suspended from school when his mom’s OnlyFans account was discovered.

Of course, she’s definitely not the only teacher who has faced backlash for being on OnlyFans. Last year, a science teacher was fired and had her account banned after she filmed videos on students’ desks.

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