Teacher in tears after students film TikToks of her in classroom

Photo of classroomUNSPLASH: MChe Lee

A teacher was left in tears after students recorded and posted several TikTok videos of her in the classroom.

Meg (StrawberryAcaiT) shared a Twitter thread, saying that she was considering quitting her position as an educator, due to students making videos of her even after she had asked them not to.

“Today was such a rough day,” Meg wrote. “My students thought it was appropriate to make several TikTok videos of me. I feel gutted. Education may not be for me. Not sure I’m going back in the am.”

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She then shared a photo of herself with tears rolling down her cheeks. “I was so miserable at work today- here’s my face as I was trying to leave,” she wrote.

Her thread garnered over 614,000 views on social media app, and many users offered advice and encouragement.

“I’m so grateful for the support of many of you-I’m debating on turning my resignation on in the am,” Meg tweeted. “If anyone feels compelled, I’d love some lawyer resources also, if you’re in a position to help me financially until I find a new job-I’d be incredibly thankful.”

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Other Twitter users wrote in support of the educator, and urged her to reconsider quitting.

“Retired teacher here,” user judithfuller6 wrote. “Don’t quit while you’re so upset if you haven’t already. Take as many sick days as you can and talk to your family and friends. I’m sure you’re a great teacher. This just isn’t a great school for you.”

“Don’t quit,” user AnnOberski wrote. “You’re the kind of person who should be a teacher. Stick out the year, then find another school.”

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“Don’t make a permanent decision while you’re this upset,” user amy_producer wrote. “Take however many sick days you can and get yourself on a better emotional footing. I believe in you.”

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if Meg resigned as a teacher.

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