Taylor Swift fans claim to suffer second-degree burns after attending concert

Taylor Swift fan suffered burns during concertInfoSwiftBrasil/X, Paolo V/WikiMedia Commons

After Taylor Swift finished her third and final concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, fans are reportedly suffering from second-degree burns due to the temperatures on the metal floorings in the arena.

Taylor Swift is currently in the middle of the South American part of her ERAS tour, and she recently played three shows in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the middle of an extreme heatwave.

Taylor Swift fan Ana Clara Benevides Machado, 23, died on November 17. She was rushed from the Nilton Santos stadium in Rio de Janeiro to a first-aid center and then to the hospital. However, Ana sadly died an hour after reaching the hospital. After this incident, free water bottles were distributed during the November 19 show.

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Many other fans also reportedly passed out due to the heat, which reached temperatures of over 138.7F (59.3C).

It’s now also been reported on social media that some concert attendees also suffered second-degree burns from the metal flooring.

Fans claim they were burned at Taylor Swift concert in Brazil

Fans on social media have said they suffered “second-degree” burns as a result of the metal flooring in the arena.

One person shared photos of her legs wrapped up in bandages. She wrote on X/Twitter: “I went to the Nilson Santos Stadium for the Taylor Swift concert and left with 3 second-degree burns.”

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“The metal plates that covered the floor of the premium track turned into a HOT PLATE at 40°C.”

Another posted a photo of the burns on their legs and said that it was “inhumane” inside the stadium.

“My friends and I were at the front and they let a lot of people pile up behind us pushing each other,” the concert-goer said.

“When they opened the entrance, I was pushed and fell to the ground HOT. I got two second-degree burns that wouldn’t stop burning in the sun.”

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They continued to say that they were ‘crying in pain’ as a result of the burns and went to the medical center twice for treatment.

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