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Tayler Holder’s Spotify trolled with ‘Gib Beat Me Up’ diss track

Published: 2/Oct/2021 12:47

by Connor Bennett


Anyone looking for Tayler Holder’s music on Spotify might have noticed a strange song – Gib Beat Me Up – credited to him on the music platform. Though, it appears to be the work of a troll. 

The TikTokers vs YouTubers boxing event promised to be one of the biggest spectacles yet in the influencer fighting scene, but no one could have foreseen the fallout that has followed.

Tayler Holder and AnEsonGib’s bout was ruled a draw on the night, though the internet couldn’t believe that Gib hadn’t won given he controlled the fight and Holder didn’t do too much.


The British YouTuber was eventually handed the win afterward and the loss has been used as a constant jibe against Holder, so much so that someone managed to link a diss track to his Spotify page.

tayler holder wearing a parachute
Tayler Holder, Instagram
Tayler Holder has dipped his toe into the music world.

On October 2, some fans noticed that alongside all his usual tracks like Who I am and 100 Rounds, there was a new one called ‘Gib Beat Me Up’. Of course, it confused people and left them asking why Holder would want to commemorate the loss with a song.

Though, pressing play on the track gives the game away. It’s not the TikToker who is flowing on the beat but rather someone called Hello3itch, who immediately called out Holder’s fans before starting on the TikToker.


As the title of the song suggests, the disses used revolve around the result of the fight as Hello3itch never fails to mention that Tayler suffered a bit of an embarrassing loss after plenty of pre-fight hype.

Tayler Holder Spotify page with Gib Beat Me Up track listing
Screenshot via Spotify
The song is linked to Holder’s name as he’s listed as a featured artist.

Why some fans have suggested that the TikToker has been ‘hacked’ that’s probably not the case. Holder is tagged on the song as a featured artist, which the streaming service then credits to his artist page.

The same thing has happened with other disses from Hello3itch, including ones about RiceGum and Tana Mongeau.

It seems unlikely that the track would be removed from Spotify given similar other ones are still up, but it could be removed from Holder’s page at some point.