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Tayler Holder caught brawling at Alabama frat house

Published: 22/Nov/2021 19:29 Updated: 22/Nov/2021 19:41

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Tayler Holder got into a fight with two Theta Chi fraternity members from the University of Alabama after a good natured basketball game turned volatile.

Tayler Holder is a popular influencer who is best known for his content on TikTok, where he boasts an impressive 20 million followers.

Holder also uploads content to YouTube, where his 1.9 million subscribers were met with an unexpected brawl between the TikToker and some fraternity members — an altercation that he managed to catch on camera in a November 21 vlog.

Holder had flown into Alabama on a private jet for an event he was paid to attend. After the event wrapped up, Holder and his crew went to a frat party at the University of Alabama’s Theta Chi chapter.


Tayler Holder broken ankle
Instagram: taylerholder
Tayler Holder recently sprained his ankle – but that didn’t stop the influencer from living it up at a few parties in Alabama.

Brawl breaks out at frat party attended by Tayler Holder

The vlog showed the influencer and his buddies engaging in a casual game of basketball before things turned sour. Apparently, Holder and co. had asked those standing around the court to move aside so they could play — a request that didn’t go over as well as they’d hoped.

“I’m literally asking so politely,” Holder can be heard saying over the din of the crowd. “I came to y’alls place to f**k with you guys and have a good time, right?”

“You just dapped him up like you knew him,” a frat member says.

“They brought me here!” Holder argued.


Tayler Holder in crowd frat party
YouTube: Tayler Holder
A friendly game of basketball turned sour after Holder got into an argument with Theta Chi frat members.

After more insults were slung, the frat boy lunged at Holder, prompting chaos among the gathered crowd. Luckily, both parties were separated — but that didn’t stop another scuffle from breaking out.

That wasn’t the only madness to occur during Holder’s time in Alabama, either. The star went on to say that he’d received death threats from a third person via DMs, as told in an Instagram story.

(Topic begins at 5:45)

“Besides those three a**holes, Alabama is pretty f***ing dope!” Holder said. “The rest of the frat guys are cool as s**t. I’ll have to come back and turn up with you guys some time.”


This is far from the first time a TikToker has gotten into a fist fight at a frat party; TikToker Bryce Hall notably fell into a scuffle at SDSU in May, after which he pressed charges against frat members who purportedly vandalized his Uber ride.

It doesn’t seem like Holder will be taking similar legal action, however.