Tattoo artists give hilarious reaction to YouTubers' ink - PewDiePie, Jeffree Star, Jake Paul and more

by Alan Bernal


YouTubers have been known to get bizarre to downright outlandish tattoos whether on a dare, to go with a trend, or otherwise, making professional artists raise their brow when being shown some of their ink.

Inked Magazine sat down numerous tattoo artist to give their thoughts on some of the more creative designs YouTubers have come up with, leading to hilarious reactions and scathing critiques.

The group of artists were immediately dumped into the fire as they were stunned to see Elijah Daniel’s simple tattoo that spelled “Phag” above his eyebrow. Most of the artists either scoffed or were confused as to why he chose to get that on his face.

Some artists were speechless from this YouTuber's choice of tag.
Inked YT
Inked YT
A lot of the artists love the heavy use of black and grays to cover the body.

Though the opposite was true for Model and YouTuber Monami Forest’ incredible and daring tattoos that cover most of her body, and the artists were impressed with her intricate designs.

“I like the fact that she’s 100% blasted,” Kevin Laroy said. “Like there’s no empty spaces and it’s all good work… All her shit looks well thought out, well planned, well placed.”

The tattoo veterans were torn with Jeffree Star’s ensemble of portraits ranging from Jesus Kurt Kobain to Audrey Hepburn. Though most were loving the paid homages and the quality of his portraits, others didn’t feel his art had much composition going for it.

Inked YT
Inked YT
Artists really liked the detail in Star's tattoos.

“He’s covered in a lot of really great work… I think it's a bit hodgepodge for me,” Joe Capobianco said. “It’s almost like, prison style.”

As for Jake Paul’s tattoo featuring the world with a keyhole on it being eaten by a dinosaur's skull, while the imagery was on point, some thought it needed some mind of meaning.

“That's your average client that he wants to be deep with that tattoo, that any truck driver has,” Lalo Yunda said.

The panel of tattoo artists generally liked PewDiePie’s small church with a fiend poking from the top. Though some thought it could have been placed somewhere better, the simple design and contrasting imagery intrigued the veteran artists.

“That’s actually a pretty dope tattoo,” Daniel Silva. “It’s definitely not my speed but it’s done well, it’s a little artistic. He gets a pass.”

Inked YT
Inked YT
The simplicity in PewDiePie's design really caught the eye of the artists.

YouTuber’s might not all have the best ideas come to fruition with their tattoos, but the artists definitely saw some gems among the content creators.