Tattoo artist divides viewers after ‘inking’ a baby in viral TikTok

Screenshots from viral TikTok video of baby getting inkedTIKTOK: ayalatattoo1

A tattoo artist has elicited mixed reactions from viewers after filming herself ‘inking’ a baby in a viral TikTok video.

Ayala Bratt, a 22-year-old professional tattoo artist of three years, left TikTok viewers divided after giving an infant a temporary tattoo to match with their parents.

In a viral video with over 26.6 million views, the artist was seen placing the stencil tattoo on the leg of the baby, while the father clicked his fingers to distract them.

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“I think opening kids up to the world of tattoos is completely OK,” Ayala said per New York Post. “It’s just art, and it’s a way to express yourself. It’s not just something that is related to gangsters.”

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While the stencil ink was temporary, Ayala’s video sparked mixed opinions and confusion on the social media app.

TikTok divided over baby getting tattoo

In the comments, some TikTok users appeared to think the tattoo was permanent, as they condemned the tattoo artist.

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“You can’t tattoo a child under 18 years old! And worse, he is an infant,” one user wrote.

“Hell nah you did that to your own son,” another user wrote. “Are they FR poor baby,” a third said.

“I hope it’s a joke” someone added.

Other users, however, jumped to Ayala’s defense, saying that the sun and moon stencil was not permanent.

“People. It’s only the stencil. Calm down,” one user wrote. “This is what they do to my baby when we get tattooed, and it makes her very happy,” another shared.

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“Do people actually think they tattooed a baby?” someone asked. “No one understood this. It’s legit a trend, they only stick the stencil,” another commented.

The tattoo artist welcomed the feedback she received. “After sharing my videos on TikTok, there was a mixed reaction,” she said via the Post. “A lot of it was hate but some were funny.”

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