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Tati Mitch hits out at “toxic” users while announcing TikTok departure

Published: 27/Sep/2020 22:55 Updated: 6/Oct/2020 10:14

by Charlotte Colombo


After a tumultuous month of fan backlash, TikTok star Tati Mitch – real name Tatyanna Mitchell – has announced that she is leaving the “toxic” platform for good.

Over the summer, Tati Mitch captured the hearts and attention of people all over TikTok with her relatable duets, dances and POVs, amassing a formidable following of 4.2 million fans on the app, as well as 226.4 million likes overall on her videos.

However, in an emotional statement posted to her Snapchat story, she has made it clear that she is willing to give that fame up after experiencing relentless bullying and harassment from other users on the app.

Referring to the regular criticism big names from the Hype and Sway Houses often receive, Tati says in her statement that “the amount of hate TikTokers receive is unbelievable”, and that it impacts the mental health of content creators like herself “so bad”.



Noting how quickly the perception of her had changed in comparison to her rise to fame in July, she said that the feelings of users can “switch so fast”, and that whilst she “loves” her “loyal fans” and “making videos”, she is “starting to dislike making videos on TikTok”, and will instead be moving her platform over to YouTube, because “TikTok is extremely toxic and [she] can’t take it anymore”.

Fans took to Instagram to express their disappointment at her leaving the platform. One user commented that it is “disgusting” how “toxic” people are making TikTok, while another accused TikTok users of “hat[ing] on people for no reason”.

After it was revealed she went to a party, a lot of users went up in arms against Tati, many of them commenting on her TikTok videos to express their anger. One user said that they had “lost respect” for Tati, while several others pointed out that she was “not immune” to the illness and had a responsibility to social distance.

tati selfie 2
Instagram: theoriginaaltati
Tati has also been heavily criticized for going to parties and not social distancing.

What happened with Tati Mitch and Devin Caherly?

Her move to YouTube comes after a very public spat with on-off boyfriend Devin Caherly, with both of them taking to TikTok to address various cheating rumors and accusations against one another.

@devincaherlyY’all really trying to bash me for things I never did…♬ Coco Jones yes I did that – ariana grindr.

When Cahlery accused Tati of lying about him mistreating her, she commented on the video accusing him of “always playing the victim”.

While it is unclear whether the very public breakdown of Devin and Tati’s relationship is real or not – with one user commenting that they “can’t even tell if the tevin drama is true or not anymore [sic]”, users on Twitter are not being very forgiving of her either.

One user suggested that the public spat was solely for “attention”, while another user suggested that it is “clear” that the two “don’t actually like each other”.

Whatever happens between these two, let’s hope that Tati will soon come back to TikTok stronger and happier than ever!


Dixie D’Amelio denies accusations of disrespecting her family chef

Published: 18/Nov/2020 23:41

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio is coming under fire due to the latest episode of her family YouTube series “Dinner with the D’Amelios,” after she appeared to turn her nose up at some snail prepared by her personal chef.

The November 16 YouTube video has gone viral for a number of reasons, especially after Charlie D’Amelio appeared to complain about not reaching 99 million followers within a year of scoring 1 million.

While she’s received her fair share of criticism over the topic, viewers’ eyes have since shifted to Dixie, who is likewise catching flak for her treatment of a dish created by the D’Amelio family chef.

During the episode, their chef — Chef Aaron May — snuck some snail onto Dixie’s plate, and it doesn’t look like the Connecticut native was super jazzed about the ordeal.

Chef Aaron May dinner with the D'Amelio family
YouTube: The D'Amelio Family
Chef Aaron May cooked up a several-course meal for the D’Amelio family — a dinner that has since gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

“What is this?” she asked, looking completely bewildered after poking at the animal on her plate. When Chef May confirmed that it was, indeed, a snail, Dixie made a gagging motion and dramatically leaned away from the table.

“It’s actually an omen of good luck and fortune!” Chef May explained.

(Topic begins at 6:15)

Fans were quick to criticize Dixie for her comments on the meal, with many calling her entitled and rude to a qualified chef who had labored in the kitchen to provide them with the luxurious food.

“That was childish, spitting out and throwing up the food saying it was gross right in front of him,” one user wrote.

“This is honestly such a joke,” another said. “James was the only respectful one, poor chef.”

“Dude, y’all are disgusting,” another added. “Charli’s faces and Dixie ‘throwing up’? Be grateful. Some of us can’t have even have dinner every night. Get manners.”

YouTube comments Dixie and Charli D'Amelio chef
YouTube: The D'Amelio Family
Commenters were quick to lash out at the D’Amelio sisters after Dixie freaked out over some snail on her plate.

Dixie has since responded to the backlash in an Instagram comment, clarifying that her reaction to the snail was all in good fun and that she is sincerely grateful for the hard work of Chef May.

“Chef Aaron May is a close family friend and we love him and everything he does,” she wrote. “…He was standing behind the camera telling me to eat a snail, knowing I would have a reaction. In no way would I ever want to come off as disrespectful, because it was all jokes.”

While some viewers have accepted D’Amelio’s statement, still others are continuing to be critical of the D’Amelio sisters’ table manners.

Chef May has yet to release a public statement on the matter at the time of publication.