Tana Mongeau’s new relationship with Chris Miles is leaving fans confused

YouTube: Tana Mongeau / Instagram: chrismiles

YouTube star Tana Mongeau announced her new romance on July 7 — but just a few days later, she claimed that the jig was over… until it suddenly wasn’t.

Tana Mongeau’s love life has seen quite a few twists and turns over the years. After publicly dating former Disney star Bella Thorne, the MTV starlet went on to date — then “marry” — fellow YouTuber Jake Paul.

The two separated shortly thereafter, leaving fans speculating that their “marriage” had merely been a stunt for views… but that isn’t the most confusing relationship Tana’s ever had, by far.

Instead, her current on-again, off again romance with American rapper Chris Miles is throwing fans for a loop — but don’t worry, we’ve got the timeline all sorted for those suffering from proverbial whiplash from this latest celebrity pairing.

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Who is Tana Mongeau dating now?

On July 7, Tana posted a tweet that made the entire internet do a double-take. “I HAVE A BOYFRIENDDDDDDD,” she excitedly wrote. “7-7-202. I LOVE U 4 ETERNITY @RealChrisMiles.”

Chris Miles — real name Christopher Miles Marshak — is an American rapper signed with T3 Music Group, whose claim to fame stems from his viral audition for America’s Got Talent some time ago.

Now, it looks like he’s dating Tana Mongeau… although it’s a little bit complicated.

Did Tana Mongeau and Chris Miles break up?

72 hours after happily announcing her new relationship, Tana claimed that she and Miles were officially donion-rings.

“Jk, just got left and dumped, I’m single again,” she tweeted.

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Tana Mongeau deleted Tweet Chris MilesTwitter: Tana Mongeau
Just 72 hours after announcing her new romance with rapper Chris Miles, Mongeau claimed that they’d broken up.

However, just a few hours later, Tana posted a photo of herself and Miles sharing a bed with the caption: “F**k.”

When fans approached Mongeau to ask if this was also a fake relationship, Tana denied the claims, replying to one fan on Twitter: “Lmao babe this isn’t a clout grab, we’re just toxic smh.”

It’s not clear whether these two are official again or not, but… at least they’re happy?