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Tana Mongeau’s explosive fight with manager prompts fan backlash

Published: 24/Mar/2020 20:33 Updated: 25/Mar/2020 17:12

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Tana Mongeau is well into the second season of her MTV reality series ‘No Filter’ — but the show has prompted some outrage from fans, who feel that the star’s behavior has been less than stellar.

Mongeau’s MTV series takes a deep dive into the tumultuous life of an internet celebrity, showcasing the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding her breakup with fellow YouTuber Jake Paul and hijinks with her friend group.

However, the most recent episodes of the show center on her health issues and disagreements with her manager, Jordan — leading to some confusion and discord among her fanbase.

Tana Mongeau, Instagram
YouTuber Tana Mongeau is facing some backlash from her fanbase, after the latest two episodes of her MTV series seemed to expose some less-than-stellar behavior from the star.

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Mongeau was diagnosed with asthma during an episode on March 16, for which she was prescribed an inhaler.

Despite the apparent severity of the issue, the YouTuber claimed she “didn’t care” about her diagnosis and said she wouldn’t stop smoking.

That’s not all; she even got into a huge argument with her manager over the issue, who berated her for allegedly being late to film an on-set project, which she claimed she needed to delay due to her ongoing health concerns.

MTV, YouTube
Tana Mongeau was diagnosed with asthma in a previous episode of her MTV series, but claimed she wouldn’t stop smoking and said she wasn’t worried about her condition.

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“You were late to set, period, after we already moved it,” Jordan said over a Facetime call with Mongeau. “You can’t apologize.”


“I was sleeping!” she shouted back. “I was told I could sleep to rest!

“I had a 102 fever. I’m sorry I’m not awake at my phone at all times like you! I can’t be like you, bro!”

(Segment begins at 4:22 for mobile readers)

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Their heated exchange brought out some concern from fans and critics across the net, who were less than impressed with her behavior on the subject.

“Imagine if she had a regular job,” one commenter wrote. “She wouldn’t survive with all her ‘sick’ days.”

“I feel bad that Jordan has to babysit Tana,” another remarked. “He cares, and it’s just hurting him. Everything Tana accuses Jordan of, she is guilty of herself.”

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MTV, YouTube
Fans took to the comments section to express that they aren’t happy with Mongeau’s behavior in the latest episode of her MTV series.

“Tana only ‘cares’ about her health when it can be used as an excuse for her to not do her job,” a critic wrote. “I used to love her, but this series is really showing her true colors.”

The star continues to face intense scrutiny captured by MTV’s cameras, which she addressed in a Tweet responding to fans’ criticisms due to the show’s treatment of her friend, Trevor, who had to leave a party after struggling with alcohol addiction.

With her series still ongoing, fans have yet to see how issues will play out in the end as Mongeau promises to make a return with an explanation of the matter, in full.