Tana Mongeau vs Bella Thorne feud explained: A timeline of their history

Bella Thorne and Tana MongeauInstagram: Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau are locked in an online feud over Twitter and TikTok after Bella released a diss track on Tana earlier in December.

They used to be a loved-up couple, but since they broke up, animosity between them has been aired very publicly online with some of their friends and exes getting pulled into the drama, including Jake Paul, Mod Sun, and Teala Dunn.

Following the release of Bella Thorne’s new song “Stupid F**king B***h,” throwing shade towards her ex-girlfriend, the drama has once again blown up. But how did it all get to this point? Here’s a timeline of Bella and Tana’s journey from love to hate.

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Tana Mongeau Bella Thorne BeefInstagram: Bella Thorne
Bella and Tana dated from 2017 to 2019

September 2017: Tana and Bella dating

The couple confirmed on social media that they were dating back in September 2017, when each shared a series of selfies to their social media account after spending time together at the Life is Beautiful music festival in Las Vegas. While they were still dating, Thorne was also seeing rapper Mod Sun.

February 2019: Break-up

The pair broke up in February 2019, and insisted that the relationship had changed their lives. Bella wrote on Twitter, “Tana and I aren’t together anymore, please stop asking. We love you guys,” on Feb. 26.

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Mongeau added, “I love her forever don’t get that twisted. She changed my life forever. Don’t really wanna talk on it.”

Shortly after, Bella accused Tana of breaking the girl code, which fans concluded was a result of Tana dating Mod Sun after Bella had dated him before.

July 2019: Bella shades Tana

Bella Thorne made a guest appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast on July 10, and threw some not-so-subtle shade toward Tana, who was sitting in the audience at the time of recording. On the subject of editing photos, she said “…with Instagram, they should really snap down – sorry Tana, on FaceTune – and Photoshop.”

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Just over a week later, Jake Paul and Tana announced they were engaged, and at the same time called out Logan Paul and Bella for “hating” on their relationship. “Logan and Bella can hate. The world can question our fate, but on July 28th, you can all save the date!” Paul proclaimed. Thorne reacted by posting an image of her crying on Instagram.

October 2020: Bella and Teala kiss

Bella Thorne visited Clubhouse BH in October and collaborated with influencer Teala Dunn in TikTok videos. But in one video she was seen kissing her directly on the lips.

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Tana responded to the kiss by duetting the TikTok from her own account, adding: “People really pretend to be my friend,” and then commented “It’s a joke…kinda? Like?”

However, Teala and Tana both posted after that there was no beef between them, although the same couldn’t be said for Bella and Tana.

December 2020: The diss track

Bella Thorne brought out her song “Stupid F**king B***h,” featuring the lyrics “You wanted me for clout, and I should’ve thrown you out.”

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In a series of Tweets labeled #SFB (after her new song), Thorne claimed that Mongeau “wishes” she was her, and even accused her ex of “bringing up [her] name for attention” in an attempt to be “relevant,” which seemed to confirm the song was a diss track on Tana.

Meanwhile, Bella and Tana have begun a war over TikTok. Tana posted several videos using the song as a sound, making fun of the track, calling Bella “the devil”, and adding in a comment “I wanted Jake for clout too smh not even her.”

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Bella hit back with a video of her laughing captioned “when she thinks she’s a celebrity…” and a comment telling Tana she can’t sing. And it seems like neither party is backing down just yet.