Tana Mongeau threatens to expose ex-boyfriend following Jake Paul beef

Tana Mongeau, Brad Sousa - Instagram

Controversial YouTuber Tana Mongeau’s highly-publicized breakup with Justin Bieber lookalike Brad Sousa gained even more traction after she was rumored to be dating Jake Paul – and things have taken yet another dramatic turn.

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Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem posted a Tweet on May 15 announcing an incoming interview with Sousa discussing the drama, claiming that the video was “flames.”

However, Tana quickly hopped into the comments, claiming that one of Sousa’s friends had told her that Sousa wanted to be invited on the show to “tell a bunch of lies.”

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“Funny, last week one of his friends was telling me how he wanted to go to you and tell a bunch of lies…” Mongeau replied. “Can’t wait to debunk half this shit with straight facts.”

She went on to express disappointment in KEEMSTAR for inviting Sousa onto his show, calling Sousa a “bad person, liar, cheater, etc., who does everything for clout.”

Tana Mongeau, InstagramWhile Mongeau’s controversial ‘TanaCon’ didn’t go as planned, she has since announced her new deal with MTV, getting her very own reality show on the platform.
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That wasn’t the end of her spiel, either; Mongeau even threatened to expose Sousa in retaliation for the interview, stating that she’d wished the drama had already blown over.

“…I guess I’ve tried to be as nice as I can and held a lot of shit back,” she continued. “If he’s going to try to make some weird clout move and lie to you, I guess ALL of the truth will have to come out…. and it won’t be pretty. Was really hoping all this could be over.”

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KEEMSTAR retaliated to Tana’s comments in kind, claiming that it was only “fair” to get Sousa’s side of the story after being asked by other YouTubers to let him speak on the matter.

Tana’s emotional split with Brad Sousa

Mongeau first teased her breakup with Sousa in a Tweet in late April, where she appeared to hint that he had cheated on her.

She followed up this Tweet with a video on the topic, where she claimed that Sousa had received nudes from other women on Snapchat.

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Following their breakup, Sousa expressed an interest in fighting Jake Paul, after he and Tana were rumored to be dating each other thanks to a few interactions between the two on social media.

Now, it appears that Mongeau and Paul are an exclusive couple, thanks to their near constant collaborative videos and hilarious antics on Twitter – although word is still out on a fight between Paul and Sousa.