Tana Mongeau suspects Jason Nash is her new “stalker” after getting weird letter

Hannah Van-de-Peer
Tana Mongeau discusses stalker Cancelled podcast
YouTube: CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau spoke candidly about being “stalked” on episode three of ‘Cancelled’. She kicked off the August 11 episode by reading a “weird” letter sent to her L.A. home. The identity of this “new stalker” is up in the air, with her co-hosts speculating it could be Jason Nash. 

Back in 2015, Tana was well-known for her outlandish YouTube story-times. Whether true or false, fans found a wealth of entertainment value within her content. From making her teacher cry to being “arrested in Las Vegas,” Tana’s subscribers clung to every word in firm anticipation. Her stalker story later that year, however, sparked genuine concern among viewers.

Since 2016, Tana has been reluctant to discuss the situation due “things becoming a lot worse.” Fans have been divided between craving updates and respecting her privacy.

On August 11 2021, subscribers finally received the latest news. It seems Tana has a “new” stalker, who has been sending handwritten riddles directly to her home.

Topic starts at 2:20. 

Tana claimed the ordeal made her “go straight to David (Dobrik) crying” because she doesn’t “want to live in this house anymore.” She claimed the note was “left on my door earlier this week.”

The letter addressed the star simply as “gorgeous,” and claimed to have been written by her “biggest lover.” Further clues to the culprit were given, as the letter stated they have a “large social media following.”

After hearing one of the clues describing the writer as “old but acts young,” co-host Brooke Schofield questioned whether it was Jason Nash. Tana agreed, stating “all signs point to Jason Nash.”

Tana Mongeau New Stalker Cancelled Podcast
Tana talked openly about the ordeal in episode three of ‘Cancelled’

The YouTuber felt freaked out

“The riddle has been f**king me in the face,” Tana admitted. She insisted she found it “kinda weird” that the writer would ask to be tagged in her story. “You’re gonna stalk me for free f**king clout,” she laughed.

The YouTube sensation added that she was considering other avenues aside from Jason. “I don’t think it’s one of David’s friends,” she said.

Later on in the podcast, Tana talked about her relationship with Mod Sun, as well as her status as a Belieber!