Tana Mongeau spills about that Bryce Hall and Ari Aguirre kiss

Tana Mongeau, Bryce Hall and Ari AguirreInstagram: Tana Mongeau, Bryce Hall, Ari Aguirre

Tana Mongeau on the latest episode of her podcast ‘Cancelled’ discussed TikToker Bryce Hall’s infamous kiss with her friend Ari Aguirre – though said she wanted to avoid speculating Hall’s sexuality.

Mongeau was referring to a kiss between Hall and her friend Aguirre that was caught by paparazzi while on a night out in Los Angeles. Hall later discusses the episode in a video upload to his YouTube channel.

Mongeau kicked off the segment saying that we wanted to talk about the kiss. Brooke Schofield then jumped in commenting on how in the previous episode of the podcast, she’d “talked about how I’m attracted to Bryce Hall and two minutes later my gay best friend is kissing him on the streets of LA.”

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Mongeau then offered her thoughts on the situation saying that Bryce “does kiss everyone when he’s drunk” so it was not too surprising that he kissed Aguirre. However, she also provided more information on the night saying that Hall initiated the kiss.

Talking about the night, Mongeau says that Bryce was the person to start the first of three kisses asking Ari to “kiss me” despite what Mongeau described as many paparazzi in the vicinity.

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Mongeau said things then escalated joking “you know Ari was going back for more” and seems to suggest she wishes it was her instead of Ari.

Bryce Hall and Ari Aguirre kissingTwitter, @dizzyhalls
A photo of Ari Aguirre and Bryce Hall kissing in front of paparazzi. The photo prompted speculation about Hall’s sexuality.

However, Mongeau said it was unlikely people will ever be able to get to the bottom of what happened because “Bryce would lie and Ari would lie” if there was ever a thing between them.” She described it as a “really hard situation.”

Mongeau went onto say that they were “all just making jokes” and insisted she doesn’t “know Bryce’s sexuality.” However, she did say that she “honestly in a very strange way ships it” and she “would love” to see them together.

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How can I listen to Mongeau’s Cancelled podcast?

Tana Mongeau’s podcast can be found on YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. She certainly has been busy already on the third episode of her podcast. The second episode features Trisha Paytas and Paytas discusses her experiences in the influencer sphere and feud with Gabbi Hanna.

The first episode dealt with Addison Rae’s Trump controversy, apologised to Khloe Kardashian, and slammed “nasty” Hunter Echo over his comments about Millie Bobby Brown.

Mongeau has teased an upcoming episode of ‘Cancelled’ will feature Bryce Hall as a guest.

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