Tana Mongeau shocked after Hinge deletes her account for “impersonation”

. 5 months ago
Hinge/Instagram: tanamongeau

Tana Mongeau was left absolutely dumbfounded after dating app Hinge banned her account, accusing her of being an imposter.

Tana Mongeau has become one of the biggest and most popular influencers on the internet, very comfortable sharing her crazy antics with friends and fans alike.

As a result, her love life is one that has never been well kept under wraps. Her relationship with and marriage to Jake Paul was well documented, though she later said that the relationship left her needing therapy.

It turns out that while Tana isn’t afraid to share her love life with fans, Hinge isn’t going to make things easy for her.

Tana Mongeau in a car
Instagram: tanamongeau
Tana’s romantic life is being hindered by dating app Hinge.

Posting a screenshot of her unfortunate removal from the app to Twitter on February 8, Tana was clearly shocked.

“​​Guys Hinge deleted my account for impersonating myself I’m never finding love!” she exclaimed, making a tongue-in-cheek comment about how this could be the end of the road for her romantic life.

With it, she attached a screenshot of the message from Hinge, which said that the account had been removed for “violating their terms of service.”

They do offer the opportunity to appeal the ban, but it’s not clear whether Tana actually took the steps or plans to in the future. It also doesn’t specifically say that the account removal was a result of impersonation, though Tana herself likely received more context.

Hinge themselves didn’t respond to the tweet, but don’t be surprised to see them take the next steps to ensure Tana can get back on the platform and start browsing again.

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