Tana Mongeau roasts Bella Thorne’s “horrible” diss track about her

Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne in side by side imagesInstagram: tanamongeau / bellathorne

After Bella Thorne released a diss track about YouTube star and ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau, the social media star has roasted the song with her friends in a new YouTube video.

When Bella and Tana announced their breakup back in February of 2019, everything seemed relatively amicable, with Tana saying that she would “love her forever” and that there’s “no negativity at all.”

However, since then, the relationship between the pair seems to have worsened, as has been revealed through various remarks the pair have made about each other over the years.

In December of 2020 Bella dropped a diss track about Tana entitled ‘SFB’ which stands for ‘Stupid F***ing B**ch’ in which she criticizes Tana for a variety of things, saying, “you wanted me for clout, and I should’ve thrown you out.”

Tana initially shaded the track on Twitter when it was released, writing, “imagine taking the time to write, direct, and fund an entire song about me called stupid f***ing b**ch and also being Bella Thorne smh.” The two stars also exchanged shade via a series of TikTok duets featuring the song.

But now in true Tana Mongeau fashion, she has uploaded a video to YouTube featuring three of her friends who also revealed they have beef with Bella, with all of them roasting the music video together.

Tana was taken aback when she noticed that one of the actors from her music video for the song Facetime also featured in Bella’s track, sitting around a campfire with the other cast members.

She also roasted Bella’s makeup, saying, “I love the Coachella glam, girl” and, “I don’t think she’s ever let a makeup artist help her out.” On top of that she made fun of the confusing blend of genres, joking “is this on PopThis or Rap Caviar? Or none of it?”

People in the comments seemed invested in the full Tana and Bella story, writing “Tana, we don’t f***ing care if the Bella storytime will take days, we still gonna watch it,” and “I’m so invested.”

It’s likely that there’s more beef to come from the two stars, and it’s safe to say thanks to Tana’s new video that people have become more invested than ever.