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Tana Mongeau reveals why single life is “difficult” after Jake Paul split

Published: 14/Feb/2020 0:01

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube personality Tana Mongeau split with ex-husband Jake Paul after a high-speed marriage — but single life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, according to the internet star.

Amid cheating rumors and fake wedding speculation, Mongeau opened up in an emotional video on December 29, explaining she was “unhappy” with how her marriage to Paul was portrayed in the media.

The two announced their breakup shortly thereafter in separate Instagram posts, with both expressing a mutual love for each other as “friends,” rather than lovers.

Although Mongeau has appeared to thrive in the aftermath of their split (as seen when she lost a veneer biting a dollar bill in a Miami nightclub), it seems that the single life has taken its toll on the MTV starlet.

In an interview with Metro UK’s Louise Griffin, Tana admitted that living single has been “difficult,” but she’s taking things slow and documenting her recovery via social media — even if it isn’t always sunshine and roses.

Tana Mongeau, Instagram
Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul shocked the net with their marriage, which took place just one month after going public with their relationship.

“It’s definitely been very difficult and it probably will be for a while, but I think that’s what my online journey is,” Mongeau claimed. “It’s documenting that, even if it isn’t pretty… I’m taking it day by day. Some days I’m in Miami toothless, and some days I’m crying on my own.”

Although she’s been candid on the cause of their breakup in the past, Mongeau also revealed that she and Jake ultimately “lost sight” of their friendship, and are currently working to rebuild that relationship.

Tana Mongeau, YouTube
For now, Tana and Jake are merely “besties,” with Mongeau showing open support for her ex-husband during his Miami boxing match.

“I think we got to the point where we lost sight of our friendship, and we weren’t seeing eye to eye in the way that we used to,” she explained. “We both stepped back to really focus on our friendship, and I think that’s what we’ll focus on right now, building the foundation of that friendship.”

While Mongeau is busy “loving herself,” Jake has since sparked a new romance with social media celeb Julia Rose — although there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between the two women, as evidenced by their affectionate photo taken after Jake Paul’s Miami boxing match.

For now, it looks like these two YouTubers are paving their own roads to success, after their viral marriage ended an abrupt halt that took the net by storm.


Twitch accused of hypocrisy after permanently banning streamer for their account age

Published: 24/Jan/2021 18:10 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 18:14

by Dexerto


After streamer AverageHarry was permanently banned because his account was created when he was under 13, Twitch viewers have pointed out that other streamers in a similar position have not faced the same consequences.

Twitch regularly faces scrutiny over their moderation decisions and bans for streamers, which often spark confusion over what exactly the rules allow.

The DMCA drama from October left many big streamers stripping their channels of content in fear of a takedown, and Twitch’s TOS policy change that restricted the use of words like ‘simp’ left streamers in fear of breaking the rules unintentionally.

15-year-old streamer AverageHarry was denied Twitch partnership earlier in January due to the fact that he made his account before the age of 13, after waiting 72 days for a response to his application.

While that was already a pretty tough blow, things were made worse when, on January 23, he was perma-banned. He clarified on Twitter that: “I am allowed to make another account, but I have just lost nearly 90k followers.”

But now Twitch users are noticing some inconsistencies in Twitch’s decision to ban Harry, as popular streamers, with millions of followers, also made their account when under 13 – but have not faced bans.

One user pointed out that hugely popular 16-year-old streamer TommyInnit had his account when he was only 11, but has not faced the same issues in terms of partner status and bans. The user called it “gross hypocrisy” from Twitch.

Tommyinnit’s Twitch account was made when he was 11 years old. Gross hypocrisy from Twitch or what? from r/LivestreamFail

Another commenter pointed out that several Fortnite streamers are all in a similar position, with some of them having likely started their accounts when they were under the age of 13. Streamer ONSCREEN highlighted a list of streamers with millions of followers, all of whom made accounts when younger than 13 – some as young as 10.

If Twitch followed through on bans for all of the streamers who made their account when they were below 13, even if they have since surpassed that age, it would certainly spell bad news for a lot of large communities on the site.

However, it is also possible that there are conditions within the Twitch TOS that are accounting for these discrepancies, meaning some streamers are still permitted to keep their account according to the rules, even if they made their account before the age of 13.

The reason for the 13-year-old age limit is linked to COPPA laws, which aim to protect young people online. In 2019, Google and YouTube had to pay a record $170 million to settle allegations of COPPA laws.

Harry revealed that he only signed up for Twitch two months before he turned 13, saying: “I spent 2 years and nearly 2000 hours streamed just for it to be taken away because I signed up 2 months early.”

Fans of Harry are now looking to Twitch for answers regarding the confusing situation.

AverageHarry makes new Twitch account

As he was allowed to do, AverageHarry has now made a new Twitch account, and asked for his fans to follow him there.

Within 24 hours of opening the account, he has already accrued 3,700 followers, and will be gunning to hit five figures soon. But, getting back to his original 90,000 will prove a challenge.