Tana Mongeau reveals how “mental breakdown” delayed perfume commercial

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and MTV star Tana Mongeau officially announced her very own perfume, “Tana by Tana,” on January 25 — but her commercial for the product hit a pretty huge pothole before she could film.

After the cinematic commercial went live on YouTube, Tana opened up about her life leading up to the announcement, claiming that she had been working on her mental health in the months before the perfume launched.

“I think I got to a point last year where I was doing so many things that were textbook very exciting, but I was so exhausted and depressed and drained that it was like turning on a camera and faking excitement, and turning it off and just wanting to nap,” she admitted.

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Mongeau further explained the matter during a behind-the-scenes vlog uploaded on January 30, where she claimed she’d suffered from a “mental breakdown” just before she’d been set to film her perfume’s commercial.

The YouTuber explained the situation during a candid monologue in the passenger’s seat of a car on her way to the set, where she revealed that the issue had put her seriously behind schedule.

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“I just commenced the mental breakdown of the generation, to be real with you,” she said. “But that’s life. That happens, right? ...today I am shooting a commercial for this perfume that I’m running very late to, due to my mental breakdown, which is causing an even further mental breakdown.”

Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, Mongeau didn’t let her “breakdown” get in the way of her work, and expressed genuine happiness that she was able to enjoy the launch of her surprise perfume in her announcement vlog.

Tana Mongeau, YouTube
Tana Mongeau's viral perfume sold out within a short time, despite the YouTuber ordering "weeks" worth of product.


Her behind-the-scenes video comes after an emotional upload in December 2019, where she admitted that she was “unhappy” with the way her relationship with now ex-husband Jake Paul had been perceived by the public.

The couple parted ways shortly thereafter, and now, Mongaeau is flying to Miami to support him in his upcoming fight against YouTuber AnEsonGib — proving that in spite of their rocky breakup, the two are still “besties” at heart.