Tana Mongeau hits insane OnlyFans earnings milestone

Tana Mongeau on her podcastYouTube: CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau

YouTuber Tana Mongeau has hit an eye-popping earnings milestone on OnlyFans, stunning her followers with how much she has managed to rake in on the platform so far.

Tana Mongeau started YouTube back in 2015, and over the years she has uploaded countless videos sharing wild stories with her loyal fans, garnering over five million subscribers on her main channel. She also launched her own podcast in 2021, which is also very successful.

But YouTube isn’t the only platform that Tana is popular on. She also has a large following on internet content subscription service OnlyFans, which has proven to be a lucrative opportunity for thousands of creators online.

On March 24, Tana revealed just how lucrative the platform is, and showed off a trophy she received from management company Unruly Agency, celebrating her latest earnings milestone.

The trophy congratulated Tana on being a “top earner,” and celebrated her earning an astonishing $10 million since she joined in May 2020.

The star called the achievement “insane,” adding a link to her profile on the platform, and shared several videos of her agency celebrating her achievement on her Instagram story.

Fans were shocked that she’d managed to earn that much from OnlyFans alone, dubbing it “iconic” and describing it as “goals.”

Tana also shared a reaction from her ex Bella Thorne, who DMed her in a response to one of her Instagram stories, saying, “only 10 mill?”

Tana Mongeau posts a DM from Bella Thorne

The influencer has a presence on multiple different social media platforms and apps, and in February she even revealed that dating app Hinge had banned her account for impersonating herself.

As Tana remains a hugely popular star online, she’s no doubt set to earn even more in the upcoming months.

Other creators from Twitch and YouTube have also done very well financially by expanding their content to the platform – Amouranth for example, has previously boasted of making upwards of $1 million a month.