Tana Mongeau hits back at accusations she “wasted” Super Bowl tickets

by Meg Bethany Koepp


YouTube starlet Tana Mongeau slammed backlash she'd received from fans after it was revealed she had tickets to the 2020 Super Bowl, but decided not to attend.

The Super Bowl was held on February 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, and saw The Kansas City Chiefs take the victory over the San Francisco 49ers 31-20. It's a very patriotic event for Americans, so those who are able to score tickets to the NFL game are very lucky indeed.

YouTuber-turned-MTV personality Tana Mongeau was given the chance to go but didn't sparking backlash online from fans who claimed she "wasted" the tickets – something she later hit back at.


Tana Mongeau slams Super Bowl criticism

On February 2, the 21-year-old tweeted out a screenshot of a text message she'd sent to a friend that read "I'd rather sleep all day than use our super bowl tickets" after she was seen partying until the early hours on her Instagram Stories.

Hours after the game had finished, she later followed up by saying that she regretted not attending the event. "I HAD SUPER BOWl TICKETS AND DIDNT GO," she said. "i’m just now realizing the severity of that."


The internet star wasn't the only one who was bummed out about not attending though – her fans weren't too happy about it either, and showed this in her Twitter mentions.

"you wasted so much money on them omg," one user said. "I love you tana but do you understand how privileged you sound and are, you literally could go to the super bowl but just didn’t, some people pray their entire lives to be able to go," said another.

One person even criticized her choice to go to a party instead. "you’re too young for me bro! I can’t fathom wasting $4,000 tix to go party which you could do ANY OTHER night of the year," they said.


This caused Tana to snap back on February 3, quote tweeting a now-deleted reply from someone that was angry at the YouTuber's choice not to go to the NFL game.

"i gave up my spots to other ppl who wanted to go cause i’m sweet luv...don’t judge a book by its cover...no wasting here...sending light x," she responded, revealing that she'd actually allowed others to attend in her place rather than "wasting" the tickets.


The clapback got over 9.5k likes, proving that all is forgiven in the Mongeau fanbase now that she's cleared up the unsavory accusations made against her.

Tana continues to be one of the most influential personalities with millions of followers across her YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. She even won Content Creator of the Year at the 2019 Streamy Awards.