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Tana Mongeau hints at health scare in upcoming MTV show ‘No Filter’

Published: 19/Feb/2020 0:23

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber-turned-MTV starlet Tana Mongeau is preparing for the launch of her upcoming reality show ‘No Filter’ — but trailers for the series hint at an as-yet undiscussed health scare for the content creator.

Having previously starred in her own MTV series ‘Tana Turns 21,’ Mongeau is no stranger to the camera, with her next show promising yet another intimate look into the life of a social media celebrity.

However, Tana’s personal life is not all sunshine and roses, as the YouTuber notably parted ways with ex-husband Jake Paul after a fast-paced relationship in full view of the public eye.

Tana Mongeau, Instagram
Tana Mongeau’s previous “Tana Turns 21” series is getting a second installment on February 24.

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A new trailer for Mongeau’s MTV series, titled, ‘No Filter,’ touches on this breakup, with Tana hinting that, “It’s a matter of time before Jake does something that’s gonna upset me.”

That’s not all that her trailer teased, though, with a short segment from the video also showing the YouTube star in a doctor’s office after claiming that she’s “never gonna quit smoking.”

“You’re having a problem with a cough,” a doctor said in the next scene, with Tana tearfully admiting, “Yeah.”

(Trailer begins at 2:30 for mobile readers)

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The camera then pans to an ex-ray of the YouTuber’s lungs, which is abruptly interrupted by a shot of her concerned-looking manager.


Although she didn’t elaborate on her possible health issues, the star has been known for smoking marijuana, as stated multiple times throughout her numerous videos on YouTube.

She was even temporarily suspended from TikTok, after claiming to have thrown a bong during a now-deleted video on the platform, which she cited as reason for her ban — although it’s unclear whether her proposed lung problems stem from marijuana use in particular.

Tana Mongeau, YouTube
Tana Mongeau is a noted enthusiast of Marijuana, having smoked weed in numerous videos, such as this Q&A video uploaded in November 2019.

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Mongeau’s MTV series is set to go live on all platforms on February 24, coming in wake of a hugely successful year for the star, who launched her own perfume just a month prior.


With a book and even an upcoming collaboration with Paris Hilton in the works, it seems like “Tana Mojo” hasn’t lost her “Mojo” at all — but there’s no telling if her concerning cough has a bigger story to tell than it seems.