Tana Mongeau fuels Addison Rae & ‘Taddison’ hype with flirty TikToks

Published: 20/Sep/2020 16:30 Updated: 6/Oct/2020 10:17

by Charlotte Colombo


Since originally fuelling dating rumours last month with a series of suggestive social media posts, fans believe that Mongeau is continuing to make it clear that Addison Rae is definitely on her radar in her latest TikTok.

Many believe that the TikTok, which Mongeau cheekily subtitled – “When I don’t like a guy I take his girlfriend” – was another thinly-veiled reference of her intention to “steal” Addison from ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall.


When one user tagged Addison’s ex and commented in response to the TikTok: “you can say @brycehall”, Tana responding by commenting “HAHAHAHAHA”, neither confirming nor denying the commenter’s inference that this TikTok was also about Addison.

@tanamongeaulolnot about anyone in specific but if the shoe fits ?♬ I Was Bored So I Ruined Lunch Tiffany Pollard – Brunch With Tiffany

Other commenters, however, weren’t so enthusiastic about Mongeau’s latest TikTok. One user noted that “it’s kind of creepy” how “obsessed” she is with Addison, whilst another accused Mongeau of “forcing a sexuality” on the TikTok star.


Mongeau has always been public about her fluid sexuality, and was previously in a high-profile “throuple” with former Disney star Bella Thorne.

During US Pride Month in June, she confirmed her sexual orientation and came out as pansexual in an emotional Instagram post.

Meanwhile, Rae has kept mostly quiet about her sexuality, although rumors started circulating in July that she was bisexual after she posted a TikTok lip-syncing to a supposed “lesbian anthem”.

Instagram: bellathorneandtanamongeau
Before her high-profile marriage to Jake Paul, Tana was in a polyamorous relationship with ex-Disney star Bella Thorne.

How did the ‘Taddison’ rumors start?

When Addison Rae and Bryce Hall amicably ended their on-off relationship for good, it didn’t take Mongeau long to shoot her shot.

In a TikTok showing Mongeau looking admirably at Addison Rae recreating a scene racy from movie Mamma Mia, she said that she was “tired of acting straight” and informed Rae that she was “officially getting at [her]”.

@tanamongeaulol##duet with @addisonre i’m done. addison text me♬ LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME – Owen Kelley

Things then heated up when Rae seemingly slid into the YouTube star’s DMs, with Mongeau being sure to express her excitement (and make sure Addison’s ex Bryce Hall knows) in an Instagram story.

Instagram: Tana Mongeau
It looks like Addison Rae slid into Tana’s DMs after seeing her TikToks.

Whilst it is unclear how much the two are talking behind the scenes, Mongeau has continued to make sure her feelings for Rae are known.

In another TikTok posted towards the end of last month, Mongeau continued to make her feelings known, lip-syncing to the song “I like you, I don’t give a f*** ’bout your boyfriend” as pictures of Addison (including one of her and Bryce), played in the background.

@tanamongeauloli should not be allowed to have tik tok♬ Lets Link – WhoHeem

This TikTok certainly caught the attention of fans in the comment section, with several TikTok influencers also showing their support for this pairing.

Aliyah Marie excitedly christened the pair “TADDISON [sic]”, whilst Anna Grace McDaniel exclaimed that the two would make a great “power couple.”


Hasan trolls shroud’s new look for looking exactly like Borat

Published: 24/Oct/2020 17:02

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker hilariously trolled fellow Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s new look – comparing it to one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s styles in the new Borat sequel.

Big-name Twitch streamers are always sparking fun feuds between each other for fans to get invested in, as has been seen with the likes of Dr Disrespect, shroud, and more in the past.


Since shroud made his return to Twitch, it has not taken long for some of his fellow streamers to troll him after he debuted a new goatee on stream, instead of his regular clean-shaven look.

HasanAbi was the latest to poke fun at shroud’s choice of facial hair during his October 23 broadcast, comparing it to the new Borat movie.

Amazon Prime Studios
Borat switches up his usual style for some scenes in the second movie.

Hasan, who’s risen to popularity on Twitch as both a gamer and political commentator was hosting a Twitch watch party for ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ on Amazon Prime. When a particular scene came up, he was quick to point out similarities between shroud and the main character.

While Borat is usually seen with a long mustache, there is a scene in the movie that sees him rocking a goatee and a pair of glasses, causing Hasan to pull up an image of shroud alongside.

“I have to show- oh my god guys, look at this,” he said, before trolling with a side-by-side image of Borat next to shroud.


Hasan could not help bursting into laughter – the match between the former CSGO pro and Cohen’s latest character is uncanny.

Dr Disrespect previously laid into shroud for his new facial hair, and the jokes are not letting up.


Shroud hasn’t clapped back yet, instead just letting his fellow streamers have their fun – while he rides high on his successful move back to Twitch, following the collapse of Mixer.

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