Tana Mongeau calls out fans showing up to new home after moving into David Dobrik’s old house

Georgina Smith
Tana Mongeau in a car
Instagram: tanamongeau

YouTuber Tana Mongeau has called out people who have been showing up to her new house, which she moved into after fellow creator David Dobrik.

Fans showing up unannounced to online personalities’ real-life houses has been a huge issue in the past for a laundry list of big names.

Popular influencers like Thomas Petrou, Bretman Rock, and more have all begged people to stop showing up to their houses in the past, as not only is it an invasion of privacy, but it could also pose a serious threat for these creators.

David Dobrik is another creator to have called out those fans, saying that although he’s happy to chat to his viewers in public, he finds it a “little scary” when people try to approach him at his West Hollywood house.

david dobrik outside house
Instagram: daviddobrik
David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest content creators.

In July, Tana revealed that she was moving into David’s old house, and claimed that he would essentially be her ‘landlord’ for the time being.

Since then, she has made numerous references to the fact that she’s living there, but it seems as though some fans are using this information and taking things too far by actually showing up to the property.

On July 14, Tana eventually implored fans to, “pls stop showing up to my house,” via Twitter.

However, some feel that Tana doesn’t have room to complain, after moving into David’s house despite his ongoing issue with fans showing up, and publicizing the move heavily on social media.

“I’m sorry but you’ve been publicly boasting and bragging about your new house and everyone knows who’s home it is so maybe if you want to keep some privacy then keep some things private?” one user wrote.

“You moved into a house where the last person moved out because of this reason. Wym?” another said.

Some were sympathetic towards the star, however, adding that just because Tana spoke about the move online doesn’t give people the right to track down her house.

It’s not clear what Tana’s long-term plans are with regard to her new house, but if this issue persists, it could mean finding new accommodation.