Takanashi Kiara and Pomu Rainpuff collab confirmed as Hololive, NIJISANJI open doors

VTubers Takanashi Kiara and Pomu RainpuffYouTube: Takanashi Kiara / YouTube: Pomu Rainpuff

The PomuTori collab is real: Hololive EN’s star phoenix Takanashi Kiara and NIJISANJI EN’s fairy Pomu Rainpuff will finally stream together. It marks the latest in a string of crossovers between the two agencies with the doors now wide open.

First, it was Regis Altare and Alban Knox breaking new ground for Hololive and NIJISANJI’s English branches with a collaboration. Now, the floodgates have opened, and there are seemingly no barriers between the two agencies.

Since that first collab was announced, fans had been hoping for Takanashi Kiara and Pomu Rainpuff to finally get together. The two VTubers had mentioned each other numerous times on stream, and even alluded to an earlier chance at a collaboration.

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That was shut down last year, but now it’s back on the table and it’s finally happening on Saturday, October 22 at 1PM PT / 4PM ET with the two stars jumping into VRChat together.

“We would have done it earlier but as you may know she’s [Pomu] on vacation right now,” Kiara elaborated on stream. “I honestly could not wait but it gave me some time to prepare some things.

“I commissioned an instrumental so we can sing a song we don’t have an instrumental for. We’re going to sing ⁠— perhaps ⁠— and our collab is going to be streamed on both channels so you have both POVs, and if I can I’m going to get some help from Ame [Amelia Watson] because we’re going to do the selfie handcam POV and I want to have the system from Ame.”

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Out of all the recently announced Hololive-NIJISANJI collabs, this is by far the most hype of them, with fans expressing their joy on Twitter following the announcement.

As for the exact shenanigans the PomuTori duo will get up to, you’ll need to tune in on Saturday to find out.