Taco Bell employee claims he’s being forced to serve customers expired beef

Expired beef, Taco Bell restaurantTIKTOK: keep_it_real4life / WIKIMEDIA: Michael Rivera

A Wisconsin-based employee called out Taco Bell on TikTok, after claiming his location tried to force him to serve expired meat.

In a viral clip with over 406,000 views, TikToker keep_it_real4life showed stacks of bags of beef in a walk-in fridge Each bag was marked with an expiration or “use-by” date.

“Today is March 15,” he said. “Our area coach came in last night and told us we have to use beef that expired on Feb. 27 of this year and March 10 of this year.”

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The Taco Bell worker also claimed that employees have to serve onions past their use-by date, as “they don’t want to throw it out because of food costs.”

“What about customer safety? This stuff can get people really sick!” he exclaimed. “We’re serving expired product because we’re forced to do it. Something’s gotta change. This is going to get people sick. Like, really sick.”

TikTok users in the comments applauded the employee for speaking out.

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“Thank you for sharing this!” one wrote. “When in doubt throw it out! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Be safe,” another added.

Others urged him to contact his local health department about the issue.

“Contact the health department immediately. Invite them to inspect right away,” one commented. “Just throw it out, and walk out! Call corporate, call the health department! Stand up for what’s right!” another said. 

In a comment, the Taco Bell employee said it’s difficult for workers who need a job like this to speak out against it.

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“When your job is at stake most employees will do what they are told,” he wrote. However, the TikToker claimed he still refused to sell the expired food to customers.

In September 2021, a post went viral on Reddit from another Taco Bell employee, claiming that they were fired after refusing to serve expired food.

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