T-Series set to beat PewDiePie to 89million YouTube subscribers as gap closes once more

David Purcell
PewDiePie, YouTube / T-Series

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg’s reign as the king of YouTube looks to be coming to an end as T-Series has significantly closed the gap between the two channels. 

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The Swedish content creator has been pulling out all of the stops to continue to hold the top spot, with help from both Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and fellow YouTube star MrBeast, who both appeared as guest hosts for his weekly Meme Review videos.

While the help of those big names and his rabid fanbase, the gap had extended between PewDiePie and the Indian production company to around 44,000 by March 6. However, that strong lead hasn’t lasted too long. 

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PewDiePie / YouTube
PewDiePie has been pulling out all of the stops to fend off T-Series, but who will reach 89 million subs first?

Live subscriber counts, though, show that PewDiePie’s storming lead has been narrowed to a near 1,000 subscribers, which suggests T-Series will soon eclipse his total – as they continue to gain on him with every passing minute. 

The pair have been battling it out at the very top of YouTube for quite some time and it seems like the race towards 89 million subscribers is nearing its long-awaited end. 

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Pewds has been known to mock T-Series for quite some time as well, having released his ‘Bitch Lasagna’ diss track about the company in October 2018, and even released a hilarious reaction to several Indian citizens claiming to be offended by it on March 9.

Which of the two will have the last laugh in the race to 89 million subs, though? We will have to wait and see.