T-Pain wants to make music with Corpse Husband

Virginia Glaze
Twitter: Corpse Husband / Instagram: tpain

American rapper T-Pain appeared on a Twitch stream with YouTuber and music artist Corpse Husband — and both of them want to do a song together in the future.

T-Pain is one of the biggest celebrities on Twitch right now. You can find him gaming with the likes of TimTheTatman, Ninja, and CourRage, or listening to his viewers’ music and giving the occasional critique.

T-Pain wound up competing in an episode of OTK’s ‘Schooled’ game show, where contestants are tasked with solving questions based on subjects from grade school.

This particular episode of schooled was packed with big names on Twitch, including Ludwig, PayMoneyWubby, and Corpse Husband — a faceless YouTuber and music artist best known for his mysterious persona and deep voice.

Corpse Husband makes perfect Twitch psycho killer with deep voice.Instagram: @pineapple_san
Corpse Husband is a “faceless” YouTuber, relying on avatars drawn by fans to represent himself online.

Corpse Husband’s music has seen major success as of late, with the influencer even scoring a collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly for their song ‘Daywalker!’ last year.

Now, it’s looking like Corpse will have another major collab coming up in the near future after his stint on ‘Schooled.’

During the episode, T-Pain mentioned to Corpse that he’d like to make a song with him.

T-Pain Roasts Twitch HaterInstagram: T-Pain
T-Pain is all about shouting out small artists on his Twitch stream – but it looks like his next musical collab could be with one of the net’s biggest music artists.

“Aye Corpse though, for real, just real quick — real music s**t time. We need to make this s**t happen bro,” T-Pain said.

“Yeah, DM me,” Corpse replied.

“I’m down to come over to your side,” T-Pain responded, referring to their respective fanbases. “I know your side don’t really f**k with my side, but I’m down to come over there. I’m down to come over there, trust bro.”

“It’s love from all my people,” Corpse clarified.

“The five foot ten kings gotta get together and make this s**t work,” T-Pain joked.

Although nothing has been confirmed between these two, it’s certainly a possibility that’s leaving fans ears pricked in excitement.

This possible collaboration follows news that Corpse’s next joint project might be with rapper SCARLXRD, although further information on this track has yet to be revealed.