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Entertainment • Sep 08, 2019

T-Pain falls for oldest trick in the book during Twitch stream

T-Pain falls for oldest trick in the book during Twitch stream
Instagram: TPain/Twitch

Rapper T-Pain was left embarrassed after looking up some new sound effects for his Twitch stream - only to be greeted with extremely loud, NSFW moaning.


Anyone with a Twitch account and a decent internet connection can propel themselves into the streaming scene - so long as they follow the rules of the platform.

We’ve already celebrities like Marshmello and Terry Crews get involved - and even politicians like Bernie Sanders. Yet, rapper T-Pain has more experience on the platform than all of those combined after diving in with Overwatch and Battlefield V action. However, he’s still susceptible to some classic jokes - including the use of strange noises on-stream that leave headphone users in pain. 


Instagram: TPain
The rapper has shown off his love for gaming with cosplays.

During his September 7 stream, the Florida rapper had been talking with viewers and setting up some new noise alerts when he started playing through a wide-ranging list of sounds. Everything from the classic Rick Roll and Modern Warfare’s ‘We’ll get ‘em next time’ came up, before he turned his attention to finding a ‘sad’ reaction sound. 

As soon as he said that, however, the rapper immediately started up an extremely loud, NSFW porn sound effect - prompting hysteria from himself and viewers. After the noise carried on for a few moments, as he struggled to shut it off, T-Pain apologized to his viewers. “Sorry, sorry,” he said, before bursting out into even more laughs.


While some viewers were left stunned - especially those unfortunate viewers not using headphones - the popular rapper explained - after he’d rolled around the room laughing - why he had clicked on it.

“It said 'ear rape' and you know, obviously I didn’t think that’s what that was - erm, yeah,” he stated, before moving on to find some other, less NSFW noises.


Of course, clicking something that may seem a bit vague is a dangerous game on Twitch - especially when it can lead to hilarious moments just like T-Pain’s.

As the popular rapped continues his journey into livestreaming, he’ll have to be wary of what he’s opening, watching and listening as he won’t want any more NSFW slip-ups, which could even get him in trouble with the platform.

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