T-Pain claps back at critics who mocked him over Kanye West complaints


Rapper T-Pain was streaming on Twitch when he gave his thoughts on the current controversies surrounding Kanye West and shouted back at critics who had previously mocked his claim that Kanye treated him poorly.

T-Pain has been a staple of the rap and hip-hop scene, and is one of the pioneers of autotuned rap sound that’s taken over the mainstream. The first time T-Pain and Kanye West ever collaborated was all the way back in 2008 with the song “Therapy”.

The duo also worked together for the album 808s and Heartbreak, but since that collab, T-Pain has reminisced on the unfortunate experience of making the album.

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With Kanye now in the news for cutting rappers Soulja Boy and Chris Brown from his newest album Donda, T-Pain had some choice words for his critics.

T-Pain Roasts Twitch HaterInstagram: T-Pain
T-Pain has become an avid streamer on Twitch, playing games like Warzone.

T-Pain claps back

For context, T-Pain has said that during the creation of the 808s album, Kanye wrote a diss track aimed at him and played it in the studio while he was there. Since then, the two music stars haven’t collaborated.

On T-Pain’s Twitch stream, he took a moment to speak about Kanye, and all the criticism he got when he publicly spoke about the negative experience.

“And, when I say, when I said that Kanye treated me like s**t a couple years ago, everybody was calling me a p***y and everyone was laughing and s**t like that, but now Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are saying it and now it’s like ‘oh s**t, he must really..’ nah f**k y’all ******,” he said. “Nope. Do that same s**t to them. Do that same s**t to them! Do that same shit to them ****** that said Kanye took me off a song!”

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Although T-Pain’s always felt wronged by Kanye, at least he has a good sense of humor about the situation, laughing throughout the clip.

T-Pain continues to be a solid presence on Twitch, often streaming his own music, Call of Duty, and giving shine to some up-and-coming artists.