SypherPK shows off his elite gaming setup worth almost $20,000

SypherPK's streaming setup costDexerto Originals

With over 5 million followers on Twitch, Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan is one of the most popular streamers in the world – and he’s using his success to build up his brand and content for the future. At the core of every streamer’s content is their setup, which Sypher has splashed the cash on.

Coming from humble beginnings, like most streamers, Sypher’s setup wasn’t always so pricey. It started with just a single monitor, PC, a basic microphone, and he had to use his phone to read the stream chat.

Clearly, a lot has changed for Sypher, with his current setup worth almost $20,000. This includes a space station look achieved by the quad-monitor arrangement, dual PCs for streaming and gaming, and last but not least, a top-of-the-range chair.

Sypher is moving his base of operations to his new streaming facility in Austin, Texas, and he gave Dexerto a tour of the new digs in the first Dexerto Originals documentary.

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SypherPK revealed plans for a new Oni Studios gaming facility, based in a top-secret location of Austin, Texas.

SypherPK’s streaming setup

Each PC in the setup is worth around $4,000 each – already more than most of our setups in total – and then the monitors (all four of them), peripherals including keyboards, mouse, headset, microphone, lighting and stream deck, all bring the price towards the $20,000 mark.

Topping it off though is one of the most crucial parts of any setup, the chair. Sypher’s choice of gaming throne is a Herman Miller, which will set you back around another $2,000.

While this setup may seem exorbitant for the average gamer, or even streamer, Sypher’s ambitions are to take streaming to the “next level.”

That’s why his setup is located in his new studio, which also features areas like a green screen room, for the best VR experience. He’s also just starting his journey of building out a massive building for Oni Studios, where his setup will eventually move.

Oni Studios sets out to help streamers turn their “brand into an empire” through expert advice, spaces and resources.

Sypher isn’t the only big streamer with a pricey setup either of course – some have entire PCs costing more than $10,000 alone, including both Dr Disrespect and Nadeshot.