SypherPK explains why he can take Ninja, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman in a fight

SypherPK fighting nickmercs and ninjaTwitter/SypherPK/NICKMERCS/Ninja

With influencer boxing matches a hot topic at the moment, Twitch star SypherPK revealed he would be willing to take on Ninja, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman in a fight.

YouTuber stars Jake and Logan Paul have made influencer boxing matches mainstream with the brothers selling out arenas while doing battle against combat sports icons such as Floyd Mayweather.

The success of their fights ultimately led to Creator Clash which saw even more YouTubers and Twitch streamers step into the ring to duke it out against their content creator brethren.

Now, SypherPK may be the next to get involved after claiming he would win against many of the top streamers on the internet.

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SypherPK calls out Ninja, NICKMERCS and more

During an interview with Jake Lucky, the Fortnite star was asked about his chances in a fight against NICKMERCS, explaining why he’d have the upperhand.

“I think I take him. I got such a reach advantage. If we’re talking wrestling, I think it’s a tougher match, and it might skew in his favor, but if we’re just boxing, I take him,” he said, admitting that in MMA he might lose.

Against TimTheTatman and Ninja, however, Sypher wasted no time, saying he’d win easily, while still saying he’d have just a 50/50 shot if he fought Tfue.

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NICKMERCS didn’t take too kindly to the SypherPK’s confidence, responding, “PK never been in a fight in his life.”

The dispute even gained the attention of the UFC Streams Twitter account who replied with some thinking emojis.

Hopefully, one day we’ll get a chance to actually see some of these streamers duke it out, but for now, it’s all just a hypothetical. With Creator Clash 2 still planned, maybe one of these possible opponents decides to issue a legitimate challenge and we see them step into the ring for real.