SypherPK defends NICKMERCS after Fortnite community roasts Champion Series error

SypherPK, NickMercs / Instagram

FaZe Clan star ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has faced some stern criticism from members of the Fortnite community after failing in his team’s latest attempt to qualify for the game’s Champion Series. 

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The Fortnite player linked up with fellow streamers Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan and Jimmy ‘HighDistortion’ Moreno as the team tried to qualify in the Trios section. 

After finding their efforts to be unsuccessful this time out, the squad have faced criticism not only for their teamwork overall, but NICKMERCS has very much taken the brunt from their performance – with SypherPK moving to defend his partner online. 

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Epic GamesThe Fortnite Champion Series qualifiers are open, building towards the Season Finals between September 20-22.
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The Luminosity Gaming pro player admitted that they could have played better in a post to his official Twitter account on September 2, taking shots at those who have been attacking his friends online.

“I will not tolerate hate towards my teammates. I’d rather lose with my friends instead of win with people who I don’t even care about. Some of you can’t see the big picture. When we do pop off it’ll be worth it. You’ll see,” he tweeted. 

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There was one particular instance, involving NICKMERCS, which has proved to be a lightning rod of debate among the game’s community on Reddit. 

The former 100 Thieves player was communicating with his teammates, decided to go for the high ground – as seen below – took a shot at an enemy in a bush, before retreating back to where his team were based, without picking up an elimination. 

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One Reddit user wrote: “I’m a Nick fan. I’m not going to defend this. I had a great day watching that trio make some of the worst mistakes I’ve ever seen. It was like watching myself out there.” A second redditor posted: “He could shoot and kill him it takes half a second and then go back.”

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“He did an amazing job at removing that guys bush. 690 IQ play right here. Nobody ever even saw him,” was another response to the video – posted by bestoneyetforreal

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Whether or not the team will come back together, shake off the criticisms, and get over the line for Champion Series qualification remains to be seen. They will have until September 15 to get over the line as the tournament builds towards the Season Finals between September 20-22.

One thing is for sure, though, SypherPK and his teammates seem adamant to have the last laugh on this one.