Syndicate Reveals Why He Can’t Fight Joe Weller on the KSI vs Logan Paul Undercard

KSI vs Logan Paul, YouTube

The Joe Weller vs Syndicate boxing match won’t be going ahead in August due to problems finding Syndicate a suitable bootcamp.

The KSI vs Logan Paul fight is set to break internet records when the two popular YouTubers go toe to toe in front of thousands at the Manchester Arena, and millions online.

The undercard of the main fight is providing its own set of storylines, with ComedyShortsGamer and Jake Paul duking it as the main co-event of the evening.

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Popular personality Joe Weller was convincingly beaten by KSI in February, but he wants back in the ring for the fight on Saturday August 25th, and fellow YouTuber Syndicate wanted the challenge.

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Following Joe’s offer to fight anyone at the event, Syndicate Tweeted out that he wanted to make it happen, and set about looking for a suitable bootcamp to train.

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With only a month and a half before it’s all set to take place, Syndicate confirmed on July 4th that he hasn’t been able to sort out a deal to fight Joe.

Syndicate explained that he had attempted to acquire the services of the trainers at Ricky Hatton’s gym, a former boxing champion, but they had turned him down.

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“It won’t be going ahead and it does really suck. I’ve had everyone scrambling around to try and make this happen as fast as possible. We truly did try and jump on this opportunity. We had a month and like 25 days to do this, I said from day one that if I’m going to do this I want to work with the Hatton team because they’re literally around the corner for me.

Sadly the team and everyone reached out to say “yo, this is the opportunity, if Tom’s got like a month and a half to get fit, he’s willing to give his all, he’ll be there every day”. They said they loved the opportunity but the simple fact is that they are full in-house.

Unfortunately, they are completely filled with the fights with the pros with the trainers they’ve got at the moment, that they can’t actually give me that time to focus on this fight. If they managed to turn me around from this fitness level to a capable of standard of fighting and then win the fight, it would have been absolutely incredible.”

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Syndicate goes on to explain that he will be fighting on the undercard of the next fight, but he’s unsure currently about who he’ll be going up against as it’s all up in the air.

You can view the segment about the boxing in his Vlog from July 4th at the 8-minute mark.