Sykkuno reveals the only orgs he’d consider joining


Streaming star Sykkuno has revealed the only three gaming orgs that he’d consider joining, but he’s not really planning to get involved anytime soon. 

While many streamers and content creators like to do things by themselves, there are plenty of others who join an org for one reason or another.

Being a part of an organization can help increase content creation opportunities, as well as attract more sponsors and brand deals, but being under the umbrella of somebody else isn’t for everyone.

For quite some time, fans of Sykkuno have been asking him when he’ll get involved with an org, seeing as many of his pals have done so. And while he’s only got a select list, he’s still not planning to sign a contract any time soon.

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sykkuno-youtube-twitchYouTube: Sykkuno
Sykkuno ditched Twitch for YouTube, but he’s yet to join a gaming org.

The YouTube streamer was, once again, asked about the possibility of joining a group during his June 13 stream, and he revealed that if he was going to do it, he’d have to link up with his friends.

“Were you approached by orgs? You know guys, I’m not trying to be weird but obviously, a few of them were interested,” Sykkuno said. “Honestly, if I did, there are only two orgs I really like. Well, actually three now and they’re all pretty much orgs that my friends are in.

“100 Thieves, OTV, and OTK have a lot of my friends in them and that’s pretty much as close as it gets,” he added. “I don’t think I’ll ever join or anything, but yeah, my friends are there and that’s pretty much… I’m biased. If my friends are there, I’m going to be biased.”

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As Sykkuno notes, while his friends may be a part of a group – or even help run it in the case of Valkyrae with 100 Thieves – he’s not planning on joining one anytime soon.

The rumors and questions will likely remain, but he and his Sprouts will continue to do their own thing for now.