Sykkuno reveals how he exposed fake fans asking for his picture

Sykkuno streamingSykkuno

With his recent venture to AX Anime Expo, Twitch star Sykkuno has called out fake fans that take don’t even know him. 

Sykkuno is one of the most popular content creators on YouTube, with a massive 2.84M followers on the streaming platform. Since his debut in 2011, Sykkuno has played a variety of games and been featured alongside other popular streamers. 

Because of his ever-growing popularity, Sykkuno often draws a crowd during live events and IRL streams. However, despite his overall popularity, the streamer found himself being approached by so-called “fake fans” at this year’s Anime Expo. 

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Fortunately, the YouTuber had one simple trick to help him decipher his real fans from those that simply wanted to follow the crowd. 

Sykkuno’s simple trick for revealing fake fans

Sykkuno streamingSykkuno
Sykkuno recently went to Anime Expo to meet with fans.

During his recent appearance at Anime Expo, Sykkuno found himself surrounded by people who didn’t even know who he was. Not only did this stop his real fans from being able to take a photo with him, but it also led to some rather frustrating encounters. 

“There are people who will just see a group of people standing around taking pictures with someone, and they’ll just get in the line and take a picture – even if they don’t know who you are,” said the streamer. 

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Sykkuno quickly realized that there were people taking photos with him, then simply Googling who he was after. It was because of this, that the streamer decided to expose those that had queued up for the sake of following those around them. 

“Someone would just show up and I’d just do a really simple thing. I said ‘name one video game you’ve seen me play,’ I mean, I am a streamer. You could name any game and you’d be right. I’d believe you.” 

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By using this method, Sykkuno exposed some “fake fans” who had simply taken a spot in the queue just so they could snap a photo and claim clout on their social media. While these scenarios proved to be frustrating, the steamer felt bad for his real fans that couldn’t meet him as a result. 

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